PHS Data Center


The Data Core at the Center for Population Health Sciences hosts a diverse collection of high-value data sets and partners with several data sources around the world. The Data Center offers researchers 

  1. A central hub to efficiently access, link, visualize and analyze data from a wide variety of sources; and,
  2. A library of data assets to facilitate transdisciplinary population health science projects and collaboration.

Powered by Redivis, our Data Portal enables you to explore and learn about tools to manipulate millions of records. Once you have identified data of interest you will need to meet several requirements to ensure responsible use of sensitive data. You can read more about requirements in the access section of each dataset on the PHS Data Portal.

Membership, Access and Use

On our Data Portal, you can explore datasets, apply for membership and access, and use the Redivis tool to acquire your analytical sample. After cutting your analytical sample and learning about the data, you will run your analyses on our secure servers. We have developed a Technical Guide for you to learn more about the process and get you started.

To learn more about our Data Management Policy, please view the CMS Data Management Policy


Getting help

Do you have questions? There are four ways of getting help. You can consult our Technical Guide or the Redivis help pages for researchers for general instructions and frequently asked questions, join our User Slack Channel to read or post questions that might be easy to address in online discussions, and we offer office hours to assist you with more detailed questions that might be best adressed in person.  


Data Requests

You can file a data request if you are interested in datasets we currently do not yet offer. Please use our Data Request Dashboard to submit.

Join the Opioid Coding Bench

The Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences is excited to host a meeting for analysts working with Marketscan or Optum data with projects involving the first research meeting focusing on opioid prescriptions. The idea is to share best practises, discuss study design, coding tips and potential roadblocks researchers are facing when creating opioid-related cohorts using claims data. We welcome all PHS researchers working on opioid-related studies, to participate in the opioid coding bench.

The first meeting will take place February 22, from 2-3pm in LKSC 319. If you would like to participate, please sign up!


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Phone: (650) 723-2513


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Stanford faculty, students, trainees and affiliated researchers are invited to join the Center for Population Health Sciences. Members receive access to data sets, funding notices, consultation and collaboration opportunities.