Stanford PHS Affiliates Program

About the Program

The Program is intended to facilitate a flow of ideas between industry and academia. Companies share real-world opportunities, insights, and problems that inform and inspire research. PHS, in turn, shares breakthroughs that can accelerate business growth and advance social responsibility.

Current Areas of Focus

Digital Health

We will explore how new data sources (e.g., social media, wearables, Google Maps) can be used to radically improve efforts to predict and prevent major health issues.


Innovations for Health and Development in India

We will examine approaches by which data science and technological innovations could be leveraged to address social needs in India and other developing economies in areas such as health, education, and development

Data Ethics, Security, and Privacy

We have established a multi-stakeholder consortium focused on understanding and addressing data ethics, security and privacy issues.

Membership Benefits

The Program provides members with opportunities to

  • Establish relationships with talented students;
    • Attend student-focused hackathons and work-in-progress sessions
    • Co-host student events & activities
  • Participate in PHS events and meetings;
    • Annual symposium
    • Events related to focus areas
  • Collaborate with core faculty on research that aligns with their company’s interests, with such research results shared with all members and the public;
  • Develop and/or participate in custom classes and workshops (e.g., co-create data science workshop)
  • Co-host events around topics of mutual interest; and,
  • Apply to send top employees to become visiting scholars.

Annual Fees

  • Corporate: $100,000
  • Nonprofit: $50,000

Faculty Participants

PHS Faculty Leadership

Mark Cullen, MD

Director, Center for Population Health Sciences

Professor of Medicine


Lisa Goldman Rosas, PhD

Associate Faculty Director, Community Engagement

Instructor of Medicine (General Medicine)


Latha Palaniappan, MD MS

Associate Faculty Director, Education

Professor of Medicine (Primary Care and Population Health)


Lisa Chamberlain, MD MPH

Associate Faculty Director, Policy and Advocacy

Associate Professor (General Pediatrics) 


Lorene Nelson, PhD

Associate Faculty Director, Research

Associate Professor, Health Research and Policy (Epidemiology)


Suzanne Tamang, PhD

Assistant Faculty Director, Data Science

Instructor (Biomedical Data Science)


Faculty Fellows

Sanjay Basu, MD MSc

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Primary Care Outcomes Research)


Marshall Burke, PhD

Assistant Professor (Earth Systems Science)

Fellow, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies


Benjamin Domingue, PhD

Assistant Professor (Graduate School of Education)


David Grusky, PhD

Professor of Sociology (School of Humanities and Science)


Jure Leskovec, PhD

Associate Professor (Computer Science)


VJ Periyakoil, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine (Primary Care and Population Health)


Manuel Rivas, PhD

Assistant Professor (Biomedical Data Science)


Eran Bendavid, MD MS

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Primary Care and Population Health)


Suzan Carmichael, PhD

Professor (Research) of Pediatrics (Neonatology)


Liran Einav, PhD

Professor of Economics


Ann Hsing, PhD

Professor (Research) of Medicine (Stanford Prevention Research Center)


Paul Oyer, PhD

Professor of Economics

Senior Fellow (Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research)


David Rehkopf, ScD MPH

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Primary Care and Population Health)


Nigam Shah, MBBS PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine (Biomedical Informatics Research) and Biomedical Data Sciences


Membership Policies

Contact Us

To learn more and get involved, please contact:

Lesley Sept, PhD
Executive Director
Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences
(650) 721-8457