JUNE 12 JUN 12
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Research Seminar: Liam JB Hill

Movement Matters: Investigating the role movement plays in children's psychological and academic development

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Learning to produce coordinated movements is one of the first and most fundamental challenges the developing brain must master and yet within the psychological sciences sensorimotor behaviour is often reductively treated as largely epiphenomenal and only a subordinate representation of the workings of higher-order, more abstracted, cognitive abilities (e.g. attention, executive function). In this presentation I will present data that challenges this assumption and argues for greater appreciation of sensorimotor processes as an ‘equal partner’ alongside other aspects psychological functioning in determining the trajectory of a child’s developmental.

Firstly, in the context of child mental health I will present evidence of coordination difficulties often co-occurring in conjunction with other forms of psychopathology to a greater extent than previous assumed and potentially having shared genetic origins with other disorders.


FSI- Encina Hall, Philippines Conference Room C330
616 Serra Street
Stanford, CA 94305


Liam JB Hill

Lecturer in Developmental Psychology, University of Leeds
Collaborator, Born in Bradford Project