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Born in Bradford Data Presentation

John Wright is the Director of the Bradford Institute for Health Research and a clinical epidemiologist with a background in internal medicine and public health in the UK and  Africa. He has been working in Bradford since 1996 and is Visiting Professor in Clinical Epidemiology at the Universities of York, Leeds and Bradford. He is an applied health services researcher with particular interests in translation of research into practice and is the author of over 200 peer review papers, seven Cochrane reviews and three textbooks. He is the chief investigator of the Born in Bradford cohort study.

Born in Bradford is a prospective pregnancy and birth cohort established to examine how genetic, nutritional, environmental, behavioral and social factors affect health and development during childhood, and subsequently adult life, in a deprived multi-ethnic population. It was developed in close consultation with local communities, clinicians and policy makers with commitment from the outset to undertake research that would both inform interventions to improve health in the city and generate robust science relevant to similar communities in the UK and across the world. This cohort contains information on a wide range of characteristics collected from 12,453 women (and 3,356 partners) who experienced 13,778 pregnancies and delivered 13,818 live births between 2007 and 2011. You can learn more about the Born in Bradford cohort at: http://www.borninbradford.nhs.uk/.


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John Wright
Director of Research, Bradford Institute for Health Research
Chief Investigator, Born in Bradford