Faculty Mentorship

The Community Engagement Program, located within the Office of Community Engagement (OCE, formerly Office of Community Health), offers technical assistance and consultation for investigators involved with community-engaged research projects who are looking for input on methods, engagement or partnership strategies, dissemination, evaluation, advisory board development, or other issues that will further a current or prospective research project. Consultations are free of charge and provide recommendations and feedback only. The Community Engagement consultation services are designed to provide a "think tank" of people from multiple disciplines and perspectives to help investigators and community partners move their projects forward. To request a consultation, investigators can contact Rhonda McClinton-Brown (rhondam@stanford.edu) Depending on the difficulty of the request, the Executive Director may be able to set up a meeting with a consultant associated with the OCE. Complex consultation requests may involve the following additional steps:

  • Requesters are contacted by the OCE Executive Director to talk through the request and identify whether the consultation should be an individual or group consultation. For individual consultations the OCE staff refers the request to Community Engagement faculty and/or community member(s), depending on the nature of the request. OCE staff coordinates consultation meetings with requesters and consultants, working with the participants to prepare for the meeting.
  • If the request is better suited for a group consultation the person or team receiving consultation will be asked to provide written materials with background information and questions for the consultants at least 2 weeks prior to the consultation. Consultants review the materials and provide feedback and guidance during the consultation meeting. After the consultants give their input, the remainder of the session is an open discussion between the investigators and consultants. Notes from the session will be provided to the investigators and the Executive Director will follow-up with the requestor to determine if additional steps will be helpful.

To learn more about the CTSA Community Engagement Program Consultation Services, please contact:

Rhonda McClinton-Brown, MPH
Executive Director, Office of Community Engagement


To request a consultation, investigators can contact Rhonda McClinton-Brown. Depending on the difficulty of the request; the Research Program Director may be able to set up a meeting with a consultant associated with the OCH.