PEPPNET's mission is to support the national network of programs providing services to those at risk for or experiencing early psychosis by promoting communication, collaboration, and best practices so that individuals and families experiencing early psychosis have timely access to specialized, appropriate, and affordable care.



PEPPNET acts as a forum to share information nationally about ongoing early psychosis initiatives and aims to bring together individuals from diverse fields and backgrounds to forge national connections and address issues and topics relevant to early psychosis at a local, state, and national level.


The network believes that addressing evolving needs and barriers to early psychosis implementation will ensure that all individuals experiencing early psychosis have access to specialized, appropriate, accessible, and affordable care through the principles of evidence-based treatment, collaboration, and recovery-orientation.


Through its workgroups and community partner coordination, PEPPNET aims to identify emergent needs and address gaps in order to promote implementation of practical, affordable, evidence-based early psychosis initiatives nationally.

10 Year Vision for PEPPNET


Create vibrant national network that benefits all communities
Families/individuals have hope and know how to access services as soon as symptoms appear
A transformation of the mental health system so there is no wrong door to care. Providers will have answers to patients asking for help
Silos are broken down
Funding will be available to support and sustain services
Expectation of recovery 








Second National Conference on Advancing Early Psychosis Care in the United States: The Complexities of Real-World Care

Please join us for the Second National Conference on Advancing Early Psychosis Care in the United States: The Complexities of Real-World Care, October 2, 2019, in New York City, at the Sheraton at New York Times Square. Keynote speakers, workshops and panel presentations will cover a wide range of topics that will provide clinicians with quality tools that can be implemented in the care of individuals with clinical high risk (CHR) or early psychosis. 

Sponsored by NIMH, SAMHSA, SMI Advisor, PEPPNET and the American Psychiatric Association (APA), this one-day conference is a pre-conference to APA’s IPS: The Mental Health Services Conference October 3rd-6th, 2019.

Keynote Speakers:
-Dost Ongur on first episode affective psychosis.
-Lisa Dixon on moving early psychosis intervention from research to on-the-ground community practice.

To Register: