Dear Colleagues:

Welcome to the updated Stanford & LPCH Pediatric Emergency Department website for physicians.

In 2005, Stanford Hospital & Clinics and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital built a state of the art Pediatric Emergency Department within the Stanford ER. The community enthusiastically supported this project through philanthropic support.

We offer comprehensive emergency care 24/7 for children with direct access to every LPCH pediatric specialist. We are a Level I Trauma and Level II Pediatric Trauma Center. The Stanford Lifeflight helicopter transport service extends our geographic range beyond the local communities.

A Pediatric ED Waiting Room, private child friendly exam rooms, a critical care suite and isolation rooms combine a safe and comforting environment with the capability to treat critically ill children.

It is staffed by a dedicated team of emergency physicians, pediatric trained nurses, child life specialists and pediatric call back nurses.

Since the opening we have treated over 80,000 children and saw a 40% increase in patient volume. Despite this increase we were able to decrease the wait time from arrival to see a doctor to a median of 30 minutes.

For several years we have worked with our community physicians and LPCH pediatric specialists to further improve our services. It all starts with good communication.
From the time a child is sent to us until we discharge them back into the care of their pediatrician, refer them to one of our specialty clinics or admit them to LPCH, we are trying to keep the line of communication open.

There is one central telephone number where we can be reached at all times:
(650) 723-4422 is a direct line for the Pediatric ED to speak to one of our physicians, the resource nurse or, if you want to leave a message, for our ED Call Back Nurse.

Information about a patient’s ED visit are automatically send by FAX to the primary care provider. ED Call Back Nurses are available daily from 9A-9P to assist you with any questions. Their direct line is (650) 723-4411.

It is a fact: You have a “Bad Day” if you have to go to the Emergency Department. An unscheduled ED visit is a fear provoking event for the child and raises the apprehension level of any parent.

We know this, and are working hard to make our patient’s visits as stress free as possible.

It starts when they arrive at the Emergency Department. We offer Valet Parking and Guest Services to assist in the navigation of an unfamiliar environment.

After the “rapid triage” we try to put the children immediately into an open exam room. If all rooms are occupied, they are taken to the Pediatric ED waiting room where they find many toys and distractions. Of course, if they are critically ill or in significant pain we will try to open a room immediately or take them to our critical care resuscitation area.

Our child life specialists are there to help distract and redirect the focus of children, explaining procedures in an age appropriate language. Apart from the toys we offer free WiFi access, iMacs in each room and iPads loaded with music, movies and games to help pass the time.

Our concept of the “Ouchless Peds ED” starts with reducing needle stick pain by applying topical anesthetics or using cryo sprays. We administer intranasal opioids to reduce acute painful conditions such as fractures or lacerations without the immediate need for an IV.
Procedural sedation is at the core of managing many traumatic injuries in our Pediatric ED. Our philosophy is that no child should suffer unnecessary pain and we promote the use of safe sedation techniques with proper monitoring.

I encourage you to explore this web site, take a visual tour of the Pediatric ED, learn about our staff or check out our new APLS-SIMULATION CME Course which is offered for the first time in April 2012.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or questions.

Bernard Dannenberg, MD, FAAP, FACEP
Medical Director
Pediatric Emergency Department