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M. Zheng, G. Peltz.  Genetic discovery: The prescription for chronic pain. Genomic Medicine 2:82-84, 2011.

Hasegawa M, Kawai K, Mitsui T, Taniguchi K, Monnai M, Wakui M, Ito M, Suematsu M, Peltz G, Nakamura M et al: The reconstituted 'humanized Liver' in TK-NOG mice is mature and functional. Biochem Biophys Res Commun2011, 405(3):405-410.

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X. Li, P. Sahbaie, M. Zheng, J. Ritchie, G. Peltz, J.S. Mogil and J. D. Clark. Expression Genetics Identifies Spinal Mechanisms Supporting Formalin Late Phase Behaviors. 
Molecular Pain, 6:11, 2010.

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In press, 2010.

J.S. Tregoning, Y. Yamaguchi, B. Wang, D. Mihm, J.A. Harker, E.S.C. Bushell, M. Zheng, G. Liao, G. Peltz and P.J.M. Openshaw. Genetic Susceptibility to the Delayed Sequelae of RSV Infection is MHC-Dependent, but Modified by Other Genetic Loci. J. Immunol. In press, 2010.


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20th Century

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