Peltz Lab In the Department of Anesthesia

Lab Members



Gary Peltz (P.I.)


Dr. Bill Fitch, Ph.D. Visiting Professor


Research interest: Dr. Fitch received his Ph.D in Organic Mass Spectrometry from Stanford in 1974, and has 35 years of industry experience in biomedical and related applications of mass spectrometry. He has evaluated, purchased, installed, and used over 30 high-end mass spectrometers during his long career as head of Drug Metabolism at Roche.  Dr. Fitch has over 50 peer-reviewed publications.  His published work covers basic studies on ion chemistry as well as qualitative and quantitative applications of mass spectrometry in the natural product, environmental, clinical and drug metabolism fields. In recent years, his focus has been on mass spectral structure determination of drug metabolites and identification of reactive drug metabolites.  He also teaches and lectures on the applications of mass spectrometry at UC Santa Cruz and to other professional groups.

Dr. Toshi Nishimura, M.D., Ph.D.,  Visiting Professor and Research Associate


Dr. Nishimura is a trained surgeon with a vast amount of experience with transgenic animal production and in developing animal models of human disease.  He is a major driver in the project that is producing mice with ‘humanized’ livers.

Manhong Wu, Ph.D., Research Associate


Research interest: Dr. Wu received her Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia, and was a post-doctoral fellow and instructor at the U. of Washington, Seattle. As the Baylor College of Medicine, she managed the Mass Spec facility that performed proteomic and metabolite analysis in critically ill children.  In the Peltz lab, she is responsible for mass spectroscopy and metabolomic analysis, and has 8 years of experience with projects utilizing mass spectroscopy. 

Ming Zheng, Ph.D., Research Associate.


Research interest: Development and applications of statistical modeling and machine learning in biological data to facilitate candidate selection and scientific discovery. Statistical analysis in biological and biomedical data: sequence analysis, microarray data analysis, ChIP-chip data analysis, analysis of haplotypic block structure in human and model organism and association study.

Current Trainees

Yajing Hu, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow


Research interest: My research interest includes evaluating genes identified through computational genetic analysis method, which was developed in Peltz lab, by molecular biology approach and expand the finding into related translational study.
My other interest is to determine if genes essential for human liver stem cell development into mature liver can be identified using ‘humanized’ mouse liver model.   

Soo Kim, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow


Dan Xu, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow



David L. Dill, Ph.D.


Dr. David Dill is a Professor of Computer Science at Stanford and has authored 150 papers.  He has decades of experience inventing new techniques for analyzing large systems, including discovering relationships in very large amounts of gene expression data. His is a key collaborator that is developing and implementing highly efficient algorithms for construction of a high-resolution haplotype map and computational genetic analysis of phenotypic data, and a metabolomic network analysis program.


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