Physician Scientist Track

Pediatrics Residency Program Director

Becky Blankenburg, MD, MPH is the Residency Program Director and Associate Chair for Education (Residency Programs). She is a Clinical Associate Professor and national leader in Pediatric Hospital Medicine, and her educational interests include how to improve learning opportunities in this new era of decreased work hours and increasing patient safety, how to promote autonomy, clinical reasoning, teaching learners to teach, and helping learners improve through longitudinal coaching.  Dr. Blankenburg led the National Nighttime Curriculum Study (involving 89 residency programs and over 2000 learners), which showed that nighttime education can improve knowledge, confidence, and attitudes.  She was a site PI the national IPASS Study (handoffs educational intervention), and is part of the “Bringing IPASS to the Bedside” second IPASS study.

Pediatrics Residency Associate Program Directors

Carrie Rassbach, MD (Associate Program Director for Advising, Coaching, and Assessment) is a Clinical Associate Professor in Pediatric Hospital Medicine, and her educational interests include coaching, learner assessment and professional formation. She leads our Coaching Program, assessment efforts, and is an Advising APD for the class of 2018 and the Physician Scientist Track.  Dr. Rassbach completed the Rathmann Fellowship for Medical Education, and was recently awarded the Association of Pediatric Program Directors Special Projects Grant.  

Lahia Yemane, MD (Associate Program Director, Advising and Career Development) is a Clinical Assistant Professor in General Pediatrics and her educational interests include teaching patient-centered care in the primary care setting, how to optimize the continuity clinic experience for both trainees and patients, and diversity and inclusion. She is the advising APD for the class of 2019 and Pediatrics-Genetics Track and heads the Pediatric Residency Diversity Committee. 

John Mark, MD (Associate Program Director for Recruitment and Program Development) is a Clinical Professor in Pediatric Pulmonology, and his educational interests include how to improve education in integrative medicine.  He leads our Recruitment and Integrative Medicine Curriculum. 

Alyssa Bogetz, MSW is Associate Program Director of Scholarship and Director of the Scholarly Concentrations Program for the Pediatrics Residency program. She has over a decade of experience in medical education research and curriculum development, and teaches faculty and trainees about the fundamentals of curriculum design and program evaluation, study design and research methods. She is an experienced qualitative researcher and was the recipient of a Stanford Teaching and Mentoring Academy grant to develop a qualitative analysis course for health care professionals. She also teaches a scientific writing course for pediatric residents, fellows and junior faculty. Many of her educational interests are inspired by her practice as a clinical social worker and include topics such as professional identity development, wellness, interpersonal communication, and complex clinical decision-making.

Caroline Buckway, MD (Associate Program Director for Advising and Wellness) is a Clinical Associate Professor in Pediatric Endocrinology, and her educational interests include how to help improve wellness in our residency program.  She co-leads our Wellness Program and is an Advising APD for the class of 2020 and the Combined Pediatrics and Anesthesiology Program.

Sarah Hilgenberg, MD (Associate Program Director for Curriculum, General Pediatrics) is a Clinical Assistant Professor in Pediatric Hospital Medicine, and her educational interests include how to create novel educational experiences to promote learning.  She leads our Curriculum Reviews for General Pediatrics and affiliated rotations, Jr/Sr Morning Report, and is heading an effort to create a co-attending/co-fellow rotation.

Elizabeth Stuart, MD, MSEd (Associate Program Director for Continuity Clinic) is a Clinical Professor in General Pediatrics, the Pediatric Clerkship Director, and the Assistant Dean for Clerkship Education, and her educational interests include teaching and curriculum design around patient-centered and cross-cultural communication, clinical reasoning, and performance assessment.  She leads our Continuity Clinic Curriculum.

Kevin Kuo, MD, MHPE (Associate Program Director for Curriculum, Subspecialties) is a Clinical Assistant Professor in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. He also serves as the associate program director for the Pediatric Critical Care fellowship. He leads the rotational reviews for the subspecialty rotations and his educational interests include curriculum design and learner assessment. 

Chief Residents

Brittany Boswell, MD, Alison Chiang, MD, MPH, Amanda Uber, DO are our pediatric chief residents for 2017-2018.


Michelle Brooks is one of our incredible Pediatric Residency Coordinators, who helps oversee our advising and humanism initiatives, learner assessments in addition to professional development and alumni management. 

Carrie Johnson is our incredible Pediatrics Residency Education Manager, who helps oversee program accreditation, office administration as well as our recruitment and program development.

Carrie McGaughey is our amazing Pediatric Residency Coordinator. She is an integral part of our team, assisting with recruitment, curriculum development, and coaching initiatives.

Chairman of Pediatrics

Mary Leonard, MD, MSCE is chair of the Department of Pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine and the Adalyn Jay Physician in Chief at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. She assumed these positions on July 1, 2016. 

Energetic and collaborative, Dr. Leonard is a compassionate clinician and researcher who cares deeply about improving the health and well-being of children everywhere. A graduate of the Stanford University School of Medicine, Mary returned to Stanford Medicine in 2014 after spending 25 years at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania. 

At Stanford, her multi-disciplinary research program is focused on the impact of chronic diseases on bone metabolism and nutrition across the life span. Mary directs the innovative and trans-disciplinary child and maternal health research and training initiatives of the Stanford Child Health Research Institute.

Mary is a distinguished investigator, an expert clinician, and a respected mentor who embodies the academic and integrated mission of Stanford Medicine. A member of the Precision Health Committee, she is committed to Stanford Medicine’s vision of proactive and personalized health care and has been at the forefront of efforts to integrate Precision Health approaches and skills into our training programs.