Residency Training Program In the Department of Pediatrics


Pediatrics Residency Program Director

Portrait Becky Blankenburg, MD, MPH has been the residency program director since June 2012, having previously served as an Associate Program Director for the prior five years.  She is a Clinical Assistant Professor and national leader in Pediatric Hospital Medicine, and her educational interests include how to improve learning opportunities in this new era of decreased work hours and increasing patient safety, how to promote autonomy, clinical reasoning, teaching learners to teach, and helping learners improve through longitudinal coaching.  Dr. Blankenburg led the National Nighttime Curriculum Study (involving 89 residency programs and over 2000 learners), which showed that nighttime education can improve knowledge, confidence, and attitudes.  She is also actively involved in the national IPASS Study (handoffs educational intervention).

Anesthesia Residency Program Director


Alex Macario, MD, MBA has been the anesthesia residency program director and Vice Chair of Education since 2006.  He is a Professor in Anesthesia, and is interested in the economics of health care, in particular the tradeoffs between costs and outcomes for patients having surgery and anesthesia. Dr. Macario has completed internationally recognized studies on the management of the operating room suite, as well as pioneering work on the cost-effectiveness of drugs and devices. He is Founder and Director of a Postgraduate Fellowship for physicians interested in applying quantitative tools to solve health services research questions.


Jen Wagner, MD has been the peds anesthesia advisor since 2012.  She is a Clinical Assistant Professor in Pediatric Anesthesia.  Dr. Jen Wagner has been instrumental in coordinating career development and other educational sessions for our peds anesthesia combined program residents.

Pediatrics Residency Associate Program Directors

Portrait Laura Bachrach, MD (Associate Program Director for Advising, Wellness, and Humanism) is a Professor in Pediatric Endocrinology, and her educational interests include how to support residents’ well-being and promote their reflection in humanism.  She leads our Humanism curriculum and oversees the senior class.
Portrait Carrie Rassbach, MD (Associate Program Director for Advising and Assessment) is a Clinical Assistant Professor in Pediatric Hospital Medicine, and her educational interests include how to help learners improve through longitudinal coaching and how to improve education in complex care.  She leads our Coaching Initiative and oversees the junior class.  Dr. Rassbach was recently awarded the Rathmann Fellowship for Medical Education.
hong David Hong, MD (Associate Program Director for Advising and Career Development) is an Instructor in Pediatric Infectious Disease, and his educational interests include how to use social media for educational purposes.  He leads our Career Development Program and oversees the intern class. 
hildenberg Sarah Hilgenberg, MD (Associate Program Director for Curriculum) is a Clinical Instructor in Pediatric Hospital Medicine, and her educational interests include how to create novel educational experiences to promote learning.  She leads our Curriculum Reviews for General Pediatrics and affiliated rotations, Jr/Sr Morning Report, and is heading an effort to create a co-attending/co-fellow rotation.
stuart Elizabeth Stuart, MD, MSEd (Associate Program Director for Continuity Clinic) is a Clinical Professor in General Pediatrics, the Pediatric Clerkship Director, and the Assistant Dean for Clerkship Education, and her educational interests include teaching and curriculum design around patient-centered and cross-cultural communication, clinical reasoning, and performance assessment.  She leads our Continuity Clinic Curriculum.
Portrait John Mark, MD (Associate Program Director for Recruitment and Program Development) is a Clinical Professor in Pediatric Pulmonology, and his educational interests include how to improve education in integrative medicine.  He leads our Recruitment, Integrative Medicine Curriculum, and heads the Diversity Committee. 
Chief Residents
chiefs Brian Flaherty MD, Jamie Holland, MD, and Lahia Yemane, MD are our pediatric chief residents for 2013-2014.  Their chief resident project is to assess current training, policies, and use of social media in residency programs across the country.  They are also focused on EBM, value-driven care, general pediatrics, and code/resuscitation curricula development.

Michelle Brooks is one of our incredible Pediatric Residency Coordinators, and helps oversee our advising and humanism initiatives, in addition to developing and managing curricula.

taniguchi Mariko Taniguchi is our other outstanding Pediatric Residency Coordinator, and helps oversee our recruitment and program development.
Mitra Haddad is our Pediatric Residency Education Manager, and is an important part of our residency program, developing and managing curricula, as well as overseeing the pediatric fellowships.

Chairman of Pediatrics

obrodovich Hugh O’Brodovich, MD is the Chair of Pediatrics at Stanford University’s School of Medicine and Physician in Chief at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital (LPCH). He moved to Stanford in January 2008 from the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids®) and University of Toronto, where he held the positions of senior scientist, Division Chief of Respiratory Medicine and Respiratory Research and then the Chair of Paediatrics and SickKids’ Chief of Paediatrics. Dr. O’Brodovich’s research interests focus on pulmonary edema and bronchopulmonary dysplasia. He has published 19 book chapters, 160 peer-reviewed publications, holds two patents, has been the primary supervisor of 29 research trainees and has been an Editorial Board member, Associate Editor and Editor of peer-reviewed journals.
As Chair of Pediatrics in Canada and the US, he has helped guide the careers of many pediatric residents and participated in the training of 56 pediatric pulmonary fellows. Dr. O’Brodovich has been the Chairman of the Pulmonology Sub-Board of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Vice-Chair for Respiratory Medicine Examinations for the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada. For almost two decades he has served on various committees of the Pediatric Scientist Development Program.
Under the leadership of Dr. O’Brodovich, LPCH has joined the ranks of Pediatric Academic Health Science Centers, which play a critical role in the nation’s future. We train the next generation of child health care professionals so that our children and our children’s children will be healthier and help create a better future. At Stanford, we encourage and value all pediatric career pathways and have a specific focus on the training of the next generation of academic leaders. Academic pediatricians play a unique role in our society as they develop new strategies to prevent disease and provide innovative health care for children. Their responsibility is to generate, evaluate, and disseminate health and disease-related knowledge.


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