Child Neurology

Our Child Neurology Division
has undergone an exciting phase of expansion, and now offers the largest faculty in the Western United States. As a result, all residents experience great breadth and depth across all facets of Child Neurology.

The Child Neurology Program is a five year program that combines educational opportunities in both Pediatrics and Neurology and prepares the trainee to be board certified in both fields. The first two years of residency are dedicated to pediatrics, the final three years are to specialize in Neurology and Child Neurology. Our program has three positions each year.

General Timeline

  • PGY1-2: Pediatrics
  • PGY3-5: Child Neurology


Current Residents 

  • PGY1: Elizabeth Mayne and JoJo Yang
  • PGY2: Sarah Bahm and Jon Santoro
  • PGY3: Autumn Ivy and Jenna Klotz
  • PGY4: Rebecca Holt and Juliet Knowles
  • PGY5: Sarah Lee and Emily Mathews



The philosophy of the Child Neurology Residency Program at Stanford is to teach pediatric medicine and neurology by providing a broad-based exposure to the field through an optimal balance between general and subspecialty pediatrics in the first two years, and emphasis on neurology and child neurology in the final three years.  We are committed to integrating service and education by offering:

  • Comprehensive inpatient and outpatient clinical experiences
  • Multiple interfaces between research and clinical care
  • Diverse opportunities for child advocacy 

The mission of our training program is to educate physicians who will be prepared at the end of their training to become leaders in the fields of Pediatrics and Neurology as clinicians, teachers, researchers, and advocates. We do this by stimulating and developing:

  • Excellence and responsibility in patient care
  • Critical thinking and questioning
  • Technical competence
  • Sound medical judgment and professional integrity
  • Commitment to self-directed and life-long learning