Scholarly Activity

Fellow Research Highlights

Laura Nally, MD
Elizabeth and Russell Siegelman Postdoctoral Fellow


Child Health Research Institute Fellowship Grant
The Gerber Foundation Novice Research Grant

Research Interests

My fellowship research focuses on the use of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) in infants born to mothers with diabetes to detect hypoglycemia, the most common metabolic problem faced after birth.  My other research interests include developing studies to modify psychosocial obstacles for children and families with type 1 diabetes to improve compliance, glycemic control, decrease long-term complications, and enhance psychological well-being.  Additionally, I am interested in performing studies using the closed-loop insulin pump to improve quality of life and overall health for those with type 1 diabetes.

QI Project

My quality improvement project involves creating an Electronic Medical Record workflow to facilitate management of diabetes inspidus in the hospital.

During residency, my quality improvement (QI) project educated general pediatrics residents and attending physicians about the importance of pneumococcal vaccines in diabetics. Through this project, we created a new workflow to ensure all diabetic patients admitted to the hospital were offered appropriate pneumococcal vaccines prior to discharge based on the recommendations published by the AAP.


Nally, L., Johnson, M., Kahn, S., Jacobs, I., Bankey, P.  “Pulmonary Artery Missile Embolus Following Gunshot Wound to the Upper Extremity.”  J Trauma Acute Care Surg 2012; 72(3): E111.

Su, H., Nally, L., Maddison, J. and Lee, Y. "The Effects of Preoperative Imaging on Surgical Outcome for Pediatric Appendicitis Patients Special Issue: Pediatric Surgery," International Journal of Clinical Medicine 2013; 4(7A2): 28-33.

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Nally, L.  An Unusual Case of An Adrenal Tumor.  Stanford Endocrinology Grand Rounds, 2/2017.

Nally, L.  Neonatal Hypoglycemia and Applications of CGM.  Organization of Pediatric Endocrinologists of Northern California (OPEC), 11/2016.

Nally, L. A Case of Neonatal Diabetes Management Using Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM). Stanford Endocrinology Grand Rounds, 3/2016.

Nally, L.  Neonatal Diabetes Case. Organization of Pediatric Endocrinologists of Northern California (OPEC), 11/2015

Nally, L.  Advances in Diabetes Management.  Grand Rounds at Miller Children’s Hospital, 4/2015

Rayhan Lal, MD
Dual Fellow in Adult Endocrinology


NIH Training Grant (T32)

Faculty Mentors

Bruce Buckingham, MD (Pediatrics)
Marina Basina, MD (Internal Medicine)

Research Interests

As an electrical engineer and computer scientist with type 1 diabetes, my primary research interest is the design, development and testing of new diabetes technology and therapies.

QI Project

After completing a 4 year residency in internal medicine and pediatrics, I have committed to another 4 years of training in adult and pediatric endocrinology.  I have personal experience with the challenges of transitioning from pediatric to adult care.  This transfer of care occurs at a time of significant life changes and maturation is a variable process.  Every year approximately 500,000 youths in the United States with special health care needs turn 18 and require transition.  Among individuals with type 1 diabetes, 58% reported a negative transition experience and more than half changed their adult provider at least once.  They have a significant decrease in clinic attendance and impaired glucose control.  I hope to improve this experience through a guided transition of care, in which I see individuals in the pediatric clinic and transfer care when both the patient and I feel ready.


Lal R, Bachrach L, Hoffman A, Inlora J, Rego S, Snyder M, Lewis D.  “A Case Report of Hypoglycemia and Hypogammaglobulinemia: DAVID syndrome in a patient with a novel NFKB2 mutation.” Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.  2017.

Lal R, Maahs D.  “Clinical Use of CGM in Pediatrics.”  Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics.  2017.

Lal R, Basina M.  “Preconception Care in Pre-gestational Diabetes.”  J Women’s Health Care.  2016; 5:e118.

Edberg D, Lal R, Ho C.  "A Teenage Boy With Abdominal Pain After Appendectomy: What Does CT Show?"  Consultant for Pediatricians.  2015;14(12):551-552.


Poster Presentations

Lal R, Shepard A, Wu C, Samko T, Halstead K, Brizuela M, Weigensberg M, Sequeira P.  (2017, June).  Quantifying the Knowledge-Behavior Gap in Youth with Type 1 Diabetes.  Poster presented at: ADA 77th Scientific Sessions; San Diego, CA.

Lal, R.  (2015, June). Transitioning Pediatric Ambulatory Care Documentation to an Electronic Medical Record. Poster presented at: LAC+USC Pediatric Resident Scholarly Activity Forum; Los Angeles, CA.

Edberg D, Lal, R., Ho CH.  (2015, June). A Teenage Boy with Abdominal Pain. Poster presented at: LAC+USC Pediatric Resident Scholarly Activity Forum; Los Angeles, CA.


Oral Presentations

Lal R. (2016, May).  Anorexia and Primary Amenorrhea.  Oral Presentation presented at: Stanford REI Conference; Palo Alto, CA.

Lal R. (2016, May).  Implantable Insulin Delivery.  Oral Presentation presented at: Stanford Endocrine Grand Rounds; Palo Alto, CA.

Lal R. (2016, January).  Carbohydrate Counting Among Underserved Transitional Type 1 Diabetics.  Oral Presentation presented at: Stanford Endocrine Grand Rounds; Palo Alto, CA.

Lal R. (2015, November).  Two Extremes of Primary Hyperparathyroidism.  Oral Presentation presented at: SCVMC Endocrine Conference; San Jose, CA.

Lal R. (2015, June).  Education in Type 1 Diabetes: Necessary but not sufficient.  Oral Presentation presented at: LAC+USC Pediatric Resident Scholarly Activity Forum; Los Angeles, CA.

Maria Chang, MD


Child Health Research Institute Fellowship Grant

Jonathan Avila, MD
Dual Fellow in Pediatrics Adolescent Medicine

Ananta Addala, DO, MPH

Fellow Hilary Seeley speaking at the 2017 UCSF 5th Pediatric Bone Health Symposium in San Francisco