Early Education

Little Libraries

Waiting room at Ravenswood Family Health Center, Before

Waiting room at Ravenswood Family Health Center, After

We envision a world where all children have access to free books. Compelling evidence reveals low-income children are at risk for poor developmental outcomes; this results from underexposure to the words, books, and environments that facilitate learning. Pediatricians have unparalleled access to the most hard to reach families and trust of these same families. We aim to leverage that access by creating "Little Libraries" in the waiting rooms at our local clinics (Fair Oaks, Gardner Packard, Mayview, and Ravenswood) where children can read a book while they wait, and take a book home for free. The Little Libraries is an undergraduate Cardinal Commitment through the Haas Center of Public Service at Stanford University. For more information on how to get involved, click here

Tips By Text

This project is the second phase of the current project “Kinder Ready,” a collaboration between pediatricians, patients, families and school communities aimed at improving school readiness in children under five. The first phase of the project involved collecting the voice of parents and caregivers to explore their knowledge, attitudes and beliefs regarding school readiness in children under the age of 5 as well as their perspectives regarding the involvement of pediatricians in this area. Our preliminary findings suggest that there is strong interest from parents in having pediatricians contribute towards their children’s school readiness. The long-term vision is for the clinic and the pediatrician to be champions of school readiness through empowering families to perform activities that prepare children for kindergarten. Considering the explosion of technology access and utilization in the past few years, technology is a promising medium for the delivery of this intervention. The aim of this project (Phase 2) is to explore avenues for feasibility, including access to technology, modalities of technology utilization and barriers to technology access in low-income caregivers in addition to collecting feedback on potential uses of technology from the pediatrician’s office.

Talk, Read, Sing

Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing is part of the national Too Small To Fail campaign founded in 2013. This public awareness and action campaign aims to promote early brain and language development, empowering parents with the tools to confidently talk, read, and sing with their young children. By empowering parents to be their child’s first teacher, the program promotes knowledge about the importance of brain development in the critical 0-3 year period. The public awareness campaign program emphasizes important messages regarding early development through community-wide outreach, distribution of information and resources for parents, and awareness trainings for individuals who regularly interface with parents of young children such as pediatricians.

Through the generous support of the Association of Auxiliaries for Children at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital (LPCH) Stanford, we have been able to bring Talk, Read, Sing to families in the mid-peninsula. We have distributed Talk, Read, Sing educational materials to families at the Well Baby Nursery at LPCH and at Ravenswood Family Health Center, Fair Oaks Clinic, Gardner Packard Clinic, and the Mayview Community Health Center.

Waiting Room Murals

Educational mural at Mayview Community Health Center in Mountain View

In addition to the Little Libraries, we aim to transform pediatric clinic waiting rooms into early learning environments. We have implemented vibrant and bright early education murals - artistic scenes that promote learning for children - at both Fair Oaks Clinic and Mayview Community Health Center. 

For more about the mural art project click here.