Community Engagement

The Pediatric Advocacy Program works with a variety of community partners to improve child health and well being, and to eliminate health inequalities. Our team aims to respond to the most pressing child health issues and community-identified needs. Over several years, we have engaged in projects that have focused on food insecurity, early education, mental health, and other social determinants of health.

Clinic Coalition (iMPACt)

A coalition of pediatricians and public health professionals who aim to address social determinants of health that kids in the mid-peninsula face in a joint, coordinated way.

Food Insecurity

Over 13 million children are currently food insecure (2016). Despite the wealth of the Silicon Valley, children and families in our community continue to struggle to make ends meet, particularly in light of extremely high housing costs. Our program has been working with numerous community partners to combat food insecurity.

For more about our community collaborative efforts to address food insecurity click here.

Early Education

Our program partners with four mid-Penninsula pediatric clinics (Gardner/Packard, Fair Oaks County Clinic, Mayview Community Clinic, and Ravenswood Family Health Center) to address issues of early education. We strive to increase low-income children's access to books, enriching clinical environments, and school readiness interventions.

For more information about our early education activities click here.

Diaper Distribution

Diapers are essential and expensive. Low-income families are disproportionately impacted by the cost of diapers. Compared to their higher income counterparts, they spend 14% of their income on infant diapers. Twice as much as those who can buy diapers in bulk. To reduce economic strain on families’ we implemented a clinic-based diaper distribution program.

For more information about our diaper distribution program click here.