Global Health

The goal of the Global Health Scholarly Concentration is to equip residents with the knowledge and skills to become physician-leaders in global health. Participation in this track will allow residents to understand the general principles related to the health of children in developing countries and how these principles apply to underserved populations in the United States.

Residents in this scholarly concentration will choose an international site they wish to work at for their call free elective months. These rotations take place during residents’ second and third years (6 weeks PGY2, 6 weeks PGY3).

Journal Club

An education session and group discussion held every other month.  The focus of these discussions will be to address pertinent global health subject matters – either presently active global health issues, i.e. an epidemic, or discussion of other relevant global health topics.  Residents will also have an opportunity to exchange scholarly concentration project ideas, concerns, roadblocks, and successes at these sessions.

contact information

Clea Sarnquist, DrPH, MPH

Dr. Sarnquist has been researching prevention interventions for over 15 years. Her major area of interest is the implementation and evaluation of interventions to prevent gender-based violence and HIV. She currently has projects in Kenya and DRC, and has worked in the U.S. as well as Zimbabwe, Peru, Mexico, and Albania. Dr. Sarnquist also teaches an undergraduate course entitled “Global Child Health”.

Saraswati Kache, MD

Dr. Saraswati Kache is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Division of Pediatric Critical Care and has led the pediatric global health education efforts at Stanford since 2010.  She has worked clinically and been an educator in critical care for local physicians and staff at multiple international locations.   More Along with being involved with service and education oriented projects at our international partnering sites, her present research interest focuses on appropriate resuscitation of malnourished children that present in shock.   


Global Health Mentors

Faculty interested in being a Global Health mentor are encouraged to contact Saraswati Kache, MD, scholarly concentration director.