Blue Team

Rotation Guide & Goals

Welcome to Blue Team! 

Inpatient pediatrics ward rotations are at the core of general pediatrics training.  At LPCH, the focus is on the care of acutely and chronically ill children with a high degree of complexity and acuity.  On the Blue Team you will manage a variety of patients consisting of general pediatrics patients from the LPCH General Pediatrics faculty practice and private groups. In addition, patients from the Adolescent Medicine, Endocrinology, Infectious Diseases, Neurology, Genetics and Dermatology services will be part of the team.

Orientation Materials

Below, you will find several orientation documents. The 5-minute orientation is the basic orientation to the rotation. The Full rotation summary is a full ACGME compliant listing of the rotation design and goals. And below that are any additional orientation materials.

Blue Team 5-minute Summary

Blue Team Rotation Summary

Goals and Objectives

educational tools

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