Advising and Mentorship

Advising Associate Program Director

Each class has their own Associate Program Director, who advises the entire class throughout residency. The advising APD meets with each resident a minimum of twice a year, and helps them navigate residency. The APD provides personal support, career guidance, discusses and approves elective requests.

  • Carrie Rassbach, MD (APD, Advising, Assessment and Coaching): Class of 2021 and Pediatrics- Physician Scientists Track
  • Caroline Buckway, MD (APD, Advising and Wellness): Class of 2020 and Pediatrics-Anesthesia Track 
  • Lahia Yemane, MD (APD, Advising and Career Development): Class of 2019 and Pediatrics-Genetics Track 



Each resident has a coach to provide longitudinal assessment and formative feedback throughout their training, and to help them develop skills of lifelong learning and self-reflection. The coaches do monthly observations on the wards and in clinics, observing history-taking, physical examinations, hand-offs, care conferences, and other skills that the residents self-identify.


In discussion with advising APD's and based on the interest and needs of the resident, they are connected with a career advisor who can help advise about electives, career development, application processes, and overall well-being.

Scholarly Concentration Leader

All residents choose a Scholarly Concentration half-way through intern year, and the Scholarly Concentration Leaders serve to guide their way through choosing a scholarly project and mentor to work with.

Scholarly Concentration Research Mentor

Each resident has a direct research mentor to help them create a scholarly project. (For more information, see the Scholarly Concentrations page.)