Current Fellows

2018 Fellowship Retreat

Third Year Fellow

Eric Hamberger, MD

MD: New York Medical College

Residency Program: Cohen Children's Medical Center

Mentor: Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, MD

Research: The transition gap between pediatric and adult care represents an especially tenuous period for patients with chronic disease, in which patients are vulnerable to non-adherence, loss of follow up, and risk taking behavior. My research focuses on adolescent, parent, and provider perceptions of these risk behaviors, proper counseling, and ensuring successful transition to adult care. 

Prior Experience: My interest in pulmonary medicine stems from my passion for biophysics and respiratory physiology. Through my residency training at North-Shore LIJ in New York, I refined that passion in the pediatric population, where pulmonary diseases remain the most common reason for hospitalization in children.  For me, pulmonary medicine and cystic fibrosis embody a broader theme in pediatrics: disease entities of systemic significance which combine basic science with multiple physiologic processes. Though I have spent most of my life on the East coast, I’m more than excited to venture West to start my pulmonary fellowship at Stanford and its community of caring, compassionate life-long learners.

Second Year Fellow

Lea Steffes, MD

MD: Medical College of Wisconsin

Residency Program: Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Prior Experience: My decision to complete a fellowship in pulmonary medicine was driven by my desire to take care of medically complex children. Throughout my residency at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin I was drawn to the intricacy of each patient’s unique physiology and gained an immense appreciation for the complexity of care these patients received at home. I hope to complete clinical research throughout my fellowship aimed at improving communication between providers who care for patients with chronic pulmonary diseases.  

First Year Fellows

Xin (Cissy) Si, MD

MD: Baylor College of Medicine

Residency Program: Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital

Marisol Temech, MD

MD: University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Residency Program: Children's Hospital at Montefiore