Resident Rotations

There are 2 main experiences for Pediatric or visiting Med/Peds residents who rotate through the Stanford Division of Pediatric Nephrology.

Red Team Intern and Senior Rotation - This is a required rotation in the first year of the Stanford Pediatric Residency. In this rotation interns spend a total of 2 weeks in outpatient activities and 2 weeks on the inpatient service of the Red Team. Red Team is a rotation shared between Pediatric Rheumatology and Pediatric Nephrology. The Red Team inpatient experiences are standard. The intern may select to do a slight preponderance of Renal or Rheumatology in their outpatient experience. Seniors come back in a supervisory capacity for a month inpatient rotation.

Nephrology Resident Elective - For residents who have already experienced the Red Team rotation and want more in depth exposure to Pediatric Nephrology. This is available to both Stanford and Visiting Residents