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The Pediatric Emotion And Resilience Lab is always looking for participants for various research studies investigating the neurological, biological, and psychological aspects of risk toward and resilience from developing major mood disorders.

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Arousal Induced by Medication Study (AIMS)

Antidepressants are among the most commonly prescribed drugs used by American youth today. However, certain adverse events from antidepressants have been associated with the development of serious lifelong psychiatric disorders. The proposed research will help to identify mechanisms and modifiable neurobiological risk factors for antidepressant-related adverse events in youth that could prevent the development of lifelong and adverse long-term outcomes. 

Measuring Obesity and Mood Effects on Neurobehaviors ThroUgh Maturation (MOMENTUM) Study

Depression and obesity are affecting a growing number of youth worldwide and, together, may lead to progressive lifelong depressive symptoms and medical morbidities such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The proposed research will help to identify early neurobehavioral mechanisms and risk factors for developing worsening symptoms of depression in overweight youth with depression and impaired insulin sensitivity that could prevent the development of adverse long-term health outcomes. 

Bipolar Family History Study (Janssen)

This is an observational study that invites adolescents and young adults of parents with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder to provide clinical, genetic, and other biological information at 6-month intervals over a 2-year period. The goal of the study is to evaluate early risk markers that are targets for treatment with the overall goal of delaying or preventing the onset of bipolar disorder in at-risk youth.

Recruitment age range: 15-25 years

Contact information for participant inquiries: 650-721-4049  |

Key words:  bipolar disorder, depression, mania

The Risk and Resilience Study (R & R)

This study aims to understand what predisposes kids toward and protects kids from developing major mood disorders such as major depression and bipolar disorder. In this study, we will evaluate youth offspring of parents with varying levels of psychiatric illness starting from a state of relative health.  Children will receive brain MRI scans and clinical assessments to evaluate their risk for and resilience from developing mood problems in the future.