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The Pediatric Mood Disorders Clinic

The Pediatric Mood Disorders Clinic is an integrated multidisciplinary clinic that aims to treat youth with a spectrum of mood disorders along a developmental continuum. We take a comprehensive, 'big-picture' approach to a spectrum of mood symptoms and disorders experienced by youth.  Since major depression in youth is often the first presentation of bipolar disorder, we approach mood disorders from a developmental perspective, rooted in a gene-environment model, and subject to change throughout development. We also aim to teach careful assessment of mood disorders using both clinical and structured interviews, to encompass MDD, dysthymia, cyclothymia, depression NOS, bipolar I, II, and NOS, adjustment disorders with mood components, and all associated co-occurring conditions.  Given the nature of our research focused on youth at high risk for major mood disorders, we have expertise in assessing all of these conditions.  We also implement and teach interventions that are evidence based (psychotherapies, psychopharmacological, and psychoeducational interventions), and invite patients and families to participate in our ongoing research treatment protocols where appropriate (neurobiological studies, medications trials, family-focused therapy (FFT), mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), etc.).

To fully optimize patient care and to implement our commitment to translate research into practice, we strive to follow all of our clinical patients using an evidence based approach. We do this by including the use of well-validated assessment and outcome measures that we strive to update in line with the latest and cutting edge research.

Clinic Contact Information

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry                 Main Phone: (650) 723-5511
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Building    New patient Intake: (650) 723-7704

Days and Hours:
Monday-Friday  8:00 am - 6:00 pm