The program will see children with a spectrum of mood disorders, with roughly a 50/50 distribution of unipolar and bipolar mood disorders, providing a rounded experience for the fellows while simultaneously responding to the needs of the community. In order to train future child psychiatrists to be competent in diagnosing and treating mood spectrum disorders, we would like to ensure that they be given adequate time (regardless of billing) to do comprehensive assessments. Thus, fellows (2-4 fellows per year) rotating through the Mood Disorders clinic would:

  • Perform intakes once weekly for 2 hours, alternating between unipolar and bipolar cases. During this time, they will learn how to perform structured clinical interviews for mood disorders, and apply dimensional measures to track symptom response. (Intake flow will be overseen by Dr. Singh on a month-by-month basis, along with assessment of volume and determination of monthly targets met for all members of the Mood Disorders team.)
  • Receive 1 hour of group supervision with all of the teaching faculty in the weekly Mood Disorders team meeting
  • Receive 1 hour of individual level supervision with Dr. Singh or Dr. Zalpuri, and/or Dr.┬áStarace.
  • Attend a weekly team meeting for the Mood Disorders Clinic, which involves didactic teaching alternative for major depressive and bipolar disorders, and integrated case-based supervision (highlighting cases shared among clinicians)
  • Once a month, teaching faculty will meet without the fellows to discuss cases, logistics, administration, and operation of the Clinic
  • Elective supplemental psychotherapy supervision by off-site/adjunct supervisors, DBT-elective, group supervision in specific psychotherapy modalities

Teaching Staff

Anita Kishore, MD
Clinical Associate Professor, Pediatric Mood and Anxiety Clinics

Isheeta Zalpuri, MD
Clinical Instructor, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Kyle Hinman, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Manpreet Singh, MD
Assistant Professor and Director of the Pediatric Mood Disorders Program

Sanno Zack, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychologist in the Pediatric Mood Disorders Clinic

Nicole Starace, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychologist in the Pediatric Mood Disorders Clinic

Michelle Goldsmith, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Educational Topics Covered

  • Structured clinical interviews including the WASH-U KSADS, and clinical rating measures (Childhood Depression Rating Scale, Young Mania Rating Scale, QUIDS, etc)
  • KSADS consensus conferences
  • Rating and assessments for clinical trials
  • Participating in and presenting archival data analysis or writing reviews or book chapters on topics related to Pediatric Mood Disorders
  • Individual interests (e.g. developing a DBT group, family-based intervention, clinical trials, doing neuropsych testing and imaging in kids pre/post medication or psychotherapy exposure, teaching trainees, etc)