Department of Pediatrics Research & Statistical Unit

VISION/PURPOSE:  The vision is to build a scalable unit that offers research guidance, statistical advice, and some data analytic support to members of the Department.  The purpose is to enhance the quality and quantity of research produced by investigators in the Department by providing a variety of services to support the research process.

STRUCTURE/FUNCTION:  The unit’s leadership oversees its development and implementation and manages the request process.  The unit includes several contributors who offer brief one-on-one advice related to study design, statistical approach, and data analysis.  Some contributors are available for more involved collaboration on grant proposals and existing projects to fulfill statistical and analytic needs.


Structure / Function


Office Hours / Brief Advice:
Brief (<1 hour) drop-in and scheduled advice sessions to help with 1) study design and basic statistics, 2) more complex or advanced statistical questions, and 3) data analysis. Click Office Hours/Brief Advice for information on contributors and scheduling.

Grant Preparation & Personnel:
For grant-related needs that go beyond the scope of office hours, we can schedule more extensive consultation time to assist with preparation of study design and analytic sections of grants, as well as discuss the possibility of including unit personnel in grant proposals to provide statistical collaboration or support or data analysis. [Contact Dr. Suzan Carmichael or 650-736-0735]

Statistician Collaboration for Existing Projects:
For longer-term existing projects that are beyond the scope of drop-in services, we will facilitate connections between investigators and other faculty or staff who can meet the project’s needs for statistical collaboration. [Contact Dr. Suzan Carmichael or 650-736-0735]

Data Analysis:
We will assign data analysis staff on a case-by-case basis depending on project scope, funds made available, existing workload and priorities.[Contact Dr. Suzan Carmichael or 650-736-0735]

Resources Page:
We keep an on-going list of resources such as on-line didactics and on-campus statistics-related services. [Other Resources]

Office hour / brief advice consultations and short-term assistance with data analysis (i.e., <4 hours) are not subject to charges.  Services that go beyond this scope will be charged at a negotiated rate.

Partnership with the Quantitative Sciences Unit (QSU):

CHRI Partnership with the Quantitative Sciences Unit (QSU):

CHRI has partnered with the QSU in the Department of Medicine to provide collaborative biostatistical, analytical, and data management support for longer-term funded projects and grant development related to maternal and child health.  This resource is available to trainees, instructors and faculty in Pediatrics who are also CHRI members, or whose mentors are (click here to apply for CHRI membership).  To learn more about the QSU, click here.  If you are a trainee or faculty member in the Department of Pediatrics and interested in working with the QSU, contact Dr. Suzan Carmichael – she will help you determine if your project is best supported through the Research and Statistical Unit or the QSU.



Dr. Gary Shaw, Professor and Associate Chair of Clinical Research, and Dr. Suzan Carmichael, Professor, oversee the on-going development and day-to-day function of the unit.  Please contact Dr. Carmichael if you have questions or feedback about the Unit [Dr. Suzan Carmichael or 650-736-0735].