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For information on the databases and services available to Stanford researchers, refer to the Stanford Center for Clinical Informatics.

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Stanford Center for Clinical Informatics

The Stanford Center for Clinical Informatics offers a free confidential consultation service to Stanford University Medical Center researchers on topics related to data privacy and security, clinical data access for research purposes, research data management, biospecimen data management, research alerting and general informatics issues. Center consultants will review the clinical data needs of your research project, provide advice on requesting IRB approval to obtain clinical data from STRIDE and discuss options for clinical data abstraction, reporting and storage to meet your research needs. We encourage researchers to contact us as early as possible in the design phase of a research project and preferable well in advance of IRB submission. Consultants can be requested using our on-line request system.


REDCap is a Research Data Capture system originally designed at Vanderbilt University that is now used at more than 70 institutions worldwide including here at Stanford. This is a self-service system, where the researcher defines the database fields either in a spreadsheet or with the help of user-friendly web tools; once the database fields have been finalized, you can start entering data immediately. SCCI offers free support during the process of defining and refining your database.


STRIDE-DM, the Data Management application development platform of the Stanford Translational Research Integrated Database Environment, was developed by the SCCI. It supports the design of custom research data capture systems and also offers integration with the STRIDE Clinical Data Warehouse, which contains both current and historic clinical data from both LPCH and SHC. STRIDE-DM research data management systems are all custom-built by SCCI application developers in exchange for salary support to cover the time spent building the database. There is an annual maintenance fee.


Medrio is a commercial product licensed for use at Stanford, most frequently used in drug trials. Like REDCap, database design and modifications are done by the research team, and like STRIDE-DM, there is an annual maintenance fee.

Compare the Databases

You can review the three data capture database development platforms side-by-side on the Comparing STRIDE-DM, REDCap and Medrio webpage.

Compare the Databases

You can review the three data capture database development platforms side-by-side on the Comparing STRIDE-DM, REDCap and Medrio webpage.