Stanford Grants & Contracts Offices

Research Management Group (RMG)

The RMG represents Stanford University as the institutional official for proposal submission and award acceptance ensuring compliance with federal regulations, sponsor requirements and University policies. Your institutional official is also known as a Research Process Manager (RPM).

If you are a faculty PI, you can find your RPM on the RPM Master website.

If you are applying for a postdoctoral or graduate student fellowship –such as an NIH F-series NRSA fellowship –you will work with the Fellowship Office housed within the Research Management Group.

Office of Sponsored Research

OSR is responsible for negotiating contracts for the School of Medicine. The Contracts team handles subcontracts (agreements from other institutions), subawards (agreements from Stanford to another institution) and clinical trials. The Accounting team establishes accounts in the financial system, invoices sponsors for expenditures, and fulfills sponsor's financial reporting requirements.

Office Technology Licensing

OTL helps turn scientific progress into tangible products, while returning income to the inventor and to the University to support further research.

Industrial Contracts Office

ICO is responsible for negotiating and signing sponsored research, material transfers and related research agreements with industry, except for clinical trial agreements.

NIH K awards

The University offers hands-on training sessions for K award proposal preparation. For information about K award deadlines and training, see the RMG Fellowship webpage.

During this training, you will download your application and complete some of the administrative sections. Training is completely web based and is hosted by the Office of Research Administration (ORA) and Research Process Managers.

In addition to hands-on training, the K Award page containins a process overview support materials for K award proposals. Here you can find resources to guide you through the K Award application.

Other Useful Resources

The Research Management Group hosts a Resources webpage that includes institutional facts, policies, procedures, and references to other sites that is very helpful. RMG also hosts an Institutional Facts page.

Research Management Group

  • Prepares internal budget
  • Provides guidance on university and sponsor policy
  • Represents Stanford University for proposal submission
  • Details on the RMG website

Office of Sponsored Research

  • Accounting team: Financial system, sponsor invoicing & reporting
  • Contracts team: Negotiates contracts, clinical trials & subaward agreements

Patents & Licensing

  • OTL handles licensing and patents.
  • ICO negotiates with industry, except for clinical trial agreements.