Employee Engagement and Recognition

Meet our Employee of the Month Winners!

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Here you will have the opportunity to get to know more information about your dedicated colleagues in Pediatrics such as which division they work in, what their role is within their division, how long they've worked for the Department and University, where they are from, and how they like to spend their time outside of work.

You'll even get a chance to see who else in the Department of Pediatrics is making a notable, positive impact as runner-up nominees for each month!

Your October 2018 winner and runner-up nominees are in!

Congratulations, Joe Noonan!

"Joe Noonan serves as the Human Resources Manager for the Department of Pediatrics – he has worked at Stanford in the Department of Pediatrics for about 3 years!

Joe is a native of the SF Bay Area and has lived her for his entire life! He completed his undergraduate school studies in Economics at Santa Clara University and his graduate school studies in Health Care Administration at California State University, East Bay! When he is not working, Joe enjoys spending time outdoors (hiking and swimming) as well as exercising at the gym. He also enjoys discovering new places to eat and traveling domestically/internationally whenever possible! Joe states, “I enjoy my job because it provides an abundance of opportunities to support the business needs and personal/professional growth of others!”



Notable, runner-up nominees for October 2018: 

Jessica Liu  (neonatology), Liana Hsu (Endocinology), Thu Quan (Genetics), Toshumba "Tee" Barkus (Operations/ Facilities) and Elizabeth Alarcon (Stem Cell Transplant and Regenerative Medicine) and Ginger Exley (Stem Cell Transplant and Regenerative Medicine). 

Your September 2018 winner and runner-up nominees are in!

Congratulations, Sue Leamons!

Sue Leamons serves as the Coding Quality Manager for our Department of Pediatrics Physician Professional Services. In this role, Sue assists our Clinical Faculty with their Billing, Coding and Documentation of their patient care services. She also assists our Central Finance Team and Divisions with CPT productivity, WRVU analysis and other specialty projects.

Sue has worked at Stanford Medical Center for many moons!  Starting her career with Stanford Hospital in the Clinical Microbiology Lab first as a lab secretary/AA for many years where she logged in lab specimens, gave out lab results over the phone and on typed reports, ordered supplies, etc… After creating an inventory control system, Sue ended her lab career as Manager of Lab Procurement for the SHC Clinical Lab and Microbiology/Virology Labs. Sue’s next Stanford adventure had her jump from the Hospital to the SOM where she became the Manager of the Department of Pathology’s Consultation Service which included administrative, billing and transcription operations supporting outside pathology consultation services. It was there in Pathology were her love for medical billing and coding started!  Lastly, Sue joined the Department of Pediatrics in 2001 and helped to develop a Billing and Reimbursement Services Division within Pediatrics.  For the next 10 years, she directed the billing and reimbursement operations for our Department of Pediatrics Physician Professional Services until LPCH absorbed us into their hospital system in 2011. Sue remained with Pediatrics following the Billing/Reimbursement Division’s transition over to LPCH and continue to support our Faculty, Staff Physicians and Department Staff with billing, coding and documentation education for our physician services, CPT productivity and WRVU analysis, other financial analysis and special projects for our Central Finance Team, Specialty Divisions and Department as needed. She have been involved in many SHC/SCH Hospital and SOM changes over the years and she is very proud to be a part of the Department of Pediatrics, Stanford School of Medicine and SHC/SCH Hospitals as all continue to strive for excellence in Administrative Operations, Education, Research and most importantly, Patient Care! 

Sue is a native Californian born in Sacramento. Her family moved to the suburbs of Chicago, IL and then to Northern New Jersey for many years before moving back to Northern California. Sue attended Davis & Elkins College in Elkins, WV as a Biology major. She enjoy being with family and friends, hiking with her dogs and mostly any outdoor activities or adventures! Sue states, “I love what I do! Most important to me is the opportunity of working with and assisting anyone/everyone in the Department, SOM and SHC/SCH with anything/everything that is needed! I would like to give many thanks to everyone who voted for me as the Department of Pediatrics Employee of the Month for the month of September; it is an honor I share with all of you!”

Notable, runner-up nominees for September 2018: 

Jessica Liu (Neonatology), Joe Noonan (Operations), and Elizabeth Alarcon (Stem Cell Transplant) 

Your August 2018 winner and runner-up nominees are in!

Congratulations, Ofelia Colin!

"Ofelia Colin serves as an Administrate Associate for the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes. She has worked in the Department of Pediatrics for 15 years and counting.

Ofelia is a SF Bay Area native – she was born right here at Stanford Hospital! When she is not working, Ofelia enjoys traveling, date night with her better half (when she is able to), family/friend gatherings and most importantly being a mom to her two children, Dalia and Colin. Ofelia states, “I love everything about my job! I work with the best division in Pediatrics. They are amazing, genuine and dedicated faculty, fellows and staff.”


Notable, runner-up nominees for August 2018: 

Kyle Kovtun (Stem Cell Transplant and Regenerative Medicine), Liana Hsu (Endocinology), Michelle Au (Neonatology), Sue Leamons (Operations/ Finance) and Toshumba "Tee" Barkus (Operations/ Facilities). 

Your July 2018 winner and runner-up nominees are in!

Congratulations, Lana Tat!

“Lana Tat serves as a Financial Analyst within the Pediatrics Operations team supporting the Division of Stem Cell Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine (SCTRM), the Laboratory for Cell and Gene Medicine (LCGM), and the Center for Curative and Definitive Medicine (CDCM). She has worked in the Department of Pediatrics for a little over 2 years and a total of 9.5 years with Stanford University.

Lana is a SF Bay Area native – she was born in San Francisco and grew up in San Jose. She graduated from Santa Clara University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Urban Education. When she is not working, Lana enjoys hanging out with family and friends, playing with her dog, gardening, cooking, hiking, watching movies, and relaxing on the beach. Lana states, “I love being part of a fun and supportive team. My role gives me the opportunity to interact with such a diverse group of individuals across the University and Hospitals. It’s very rewarding to manage complex accounts and to support research projects aimed at curing diseases and saving lives.”


Notable, runner-up nominees for July 2018: 

Michelle Au (Neonatology), Sam Saunders (Cardiology), Joan Luthra (Genetics) and Gopin Saini (Stem Cell Transplant and Regenerative Medicine)

Your June 2018 winner and runner-up nominees are in!

Congratulations, Susan Freeman Ike!

" Susan Freeman Ike serves as a Senior Fellowship Coordinator for the Department of Pediatrics, Education Administration team. She has worked with the Department of Pediatrics for a little over 4 years!

Susan is a native of Asheville, North Carolina. She completed her undergraduate school studies in Human Environmental Sciences at the University of Alabama. When she is not working, Susan enjoys traveling and reading. Susan states that, "She loves her fellow program coordinators - they are amazing! She also enjoys tackling different challenges and coming up with unique solutions." 



Notable, runner-up nominees for June 2018: 

Lana Tat (Research Administration) and Sam Saunders (Cardiology) 

Your May 2018 winner and runner-up nominees are in!

Congratulations, Caroline Ragadio!

Caroline Ragadio serves as an Administrative Associate for the Division of Neonatology. She has worked with Stanford Department of Pediatrics in the same team and position for nearly 4 years!

Caroline is a native of Delano in Southern California. She completed her undergraduate school studies in Health Administration at Mission College in Santa Clara, CA and University of Phoenix. When she is not working, Caroline enjoys traveling, being a foodie and making money lei’s for special occasions like graduations. Caroline states the best part of working at Stanford is that, “I love the people I work with!”


Notable, runner-up nominees for May 2018:

Lana Tat (Research Administration) and Alyssa Ray (Hematology/ Oncology)