Employee Engagement and Recognition

Meet our Employee of the Month Winners!

Our winner and runner-up nominees for each month will be displayed right here!

Here you will have the opportunity to get to know more information about your dedicated colleagues in Pediatrics such as which division they work in, what their role is within their division, how long they've worked for the Department and University, where they are from, and how they like to spend their time outside of work.

You'll even get a chance to see who else in the Department of Pediatrics is making a notable, positive impact as runner-up nominees for each month!

Your June 2018 winner and runner-up nominees are in!

Congratulations, Susan Freeman Ike!

" Susan Freeman Ike serves as a Senior Fellowship Coordinator for the Department of Pediatrics, Education Administration team. She has worked with the Department of Pediatrics for a little over 4 years!

Susan is a native of Asheville, North Carolina. She completed her undergraduate school studies in Human Environmental Sciences at the University of Alabama. When she is not working, Susan enjoys traveling and reading. Susan states that, "She loves her fellow program coordinators - they are amazing! She also enjoys tackling different challenges and coming up with unique solutions." 



Notable, runner-up nominees for June 2018: 

Lana Tat (Research Administration) and Sam Saunders (Cardiology) 

Your May 2018 winner and runner-up nominees are in!

Congratulations, Caroline Ragadio!

Caroline Ragadio serves as an Administrative Associate for the Division of Neonatology. She has worked with Stanford Department of Pediatrics in the same team and position for nearly 4 years!

Caroline is a native of Delano in Southern California. She completed her undergraduate school studies in Health Administration at Mission College in Santa Clara, CA and University of Phoenix. When she is not working, Caroline enjoys traveling, being a foodie and making money lei’s for special occasions like graduations. Caroline states the best part of working at Stanford is that, “I love the people I work with!”


Notable, runner-up nominees for May 2018:

Lana Tat (Research Administration) and Alyssa Ray (Hematology/ Oncology)