Student Casual/Temporary Employee

Department of Pediatrics

If a student is appointed as a casual/temporary employee, the steps include:

1. To apply, Faculty Sponsor submits to Peds HR:

a. Stanford Employment Application

b. Current Resume

c. 3-5 Bullets of the position’s core duties

2. Peds HR initiates a background check and provides an approved salary range for the position.

3. If all clear, student signs/completes:

a. Offer letter

b. Confidentiality Agreement

c. Employee Information Sheet

4. Student meets with Peds HR to complete compliance trainings (3-4 hours).

5. Student can get a badge, with no building access.

Estimate Application Processing Time

  • Student Trainee (non-minor): 4 hours
  • Student Trainee (minor): 6 hours
  • Student Trainee and Visiting Observer: 10 hours

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