Student Trainee Request & Required Forms

Request for Unpaid Student Trainees Sponsored by Department of Pediatrics Faculty


Faculty Sponsor and Student Complete Packet 1

Faculty Sponsor and the Prospective Student will need to complete and sign the Student Trainee Request Form Packet 1. Please include additional documentation as needed or if applicable.

If the student is seeking course credit for the experience, s/he must submit a recommendation letter from his/her home institution and/or proof of enrollment, and the official course description.

After completing Packet 1, proceed to STEP TWO to complete Student Trainee Required Forms Packet 2.



Faculty, Student Trainee, and Parent/Guardian (for students under 18) complete Packet 2

Faculty Sponsor must sign all applicable application pages and agree to the terms, then have Student Trainee and/or Parent/Guardian complete and sign the forms in the Student Trainee Required Forms Packet 2.

If a student trainee is age 16-17 additional forms from the Stanford Protection of Minors Office will be required after the application is approved by the Office of Pediatric Education.

After completing Packet 2, proceed to STEP THREE to submit the webform and upload Packets 1 & 2 with all required documents.


Submit Packets 1 & 2, plus all required documentation into Webform

Gather all required forms and documents, and Packets 1 & 2, and upload them into the webform below.

The Office of Pediatric Education Office and School of Medicine Human Resources Group (HRG) will review and approve the application. Once approved, we will follow up with next steps, including required trainings, SUNet ID setup, and, if applicable, documentation required for the Stanford Protection of Minors Office.