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Stanford recognizes that postdoctoral training opportunities are essential for the development of the next generation of scientific leaders. At Stanford Pediatrics, our 75+ postdocs are at the forefront of expanding scientific knowledge by leading cutting-edge techniques in world-class facilities. We invite you to explore our postdoctoral programs and join us as we expand the frontiers of maternal and child health.


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5 Questions: Dennis Wall on new discoveries in autism genetics

Wall discusses how he and his collaborators used whole-genome data from hundreds of families affected by autism to identify 16 new autism risk genes and a rare genetic syndrome that explains some cases of the disorder.

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Stanford SURPAS Activities & Events

The Stanford University Postdoctoral Association (SURPAS) is a volunteer organization formed by Stanford University Postdocs. Our mission is to enrich the Postdoctoral experience at Stanford, to enable Postdoctoral Scholars to explore opportunities, and to empower Postdoctoral Scholars to become leaders in areas of their choice.

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In Pediatrics, we have a postdoc team to support you as you pursue your goals. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you.