Alternative Transportation, Campus Maps, Parking & Shuttles

Caltrain is a great option for getting to work. Visit Stanford Parking and Transportation to see how to get your free Caltrain Go Pass (or VTA Eco Pass). From the Parking and Transportation site, you can also sign up to get a payroll-deducted monthly Caltrain parking pass for parking in Caltrain lots.

Concerned about getting stuck at work without a car if you have a personal emergency? Stanford has an emergency ride program for Caltrain riders and carpoolers.

Think you may still need to drive and park occasionally, but not enough to buy a monthly or annual pass? You can buy daily "scratchers."

If you plan to take Caltrain (or any alternative transportation) regularly, sign up for the Stanford Commute Club for commuting bonuses.Twitter is a great resource for Caltrain status and delays. Consider signing up for Twitter, and follow these accounts: @Caltrain_News (the official Caltrain Twitter account) and/or @CaltrainStatus (a crowd-sourced account by which anyone can tweet a delay or issue).

The Palo Alto transit center (Caltrain Station) is serviced by the Stanford Marguerite Shuttle. The X line is best for traveling from the transit center to the medical center, and the Y in reverse. The shuttle trip is about 10 - 15 minutes from the Quarry road stop (near the ER entrance). If you're inclined, it's about a 20 - 25 minute walk.