PCPH Researchers

Steven Asch, MD, MPH

Focus: Health Systems


Susan M. Frayne, MD, MPH

Focus: Women's Health


Karl Lorenz, MD, MSHS

Focus: Pain, Palliative Care


Amelia Sattler, MD

Focus: Medical Education


Kelley M. Skeff, MD, PhD

Focus: Medical Education & the EMR


Rebecca Aslakson, MD, PhD

Focus: Palliative Care


James Kahn, MD

Focus: Mentorship and

Post Graduate Education

Lars Osterberg, MD, MPH

Focus: Medical Education


Holly Tabor, PhD

Focus: Ethics and Genomics


Michele Barry, MD, FACP

Focus: Global Health


Sean David, MD

Focus: Clinical Genetics, 

Tobacco Cessation

Steven Goodman, MD, PhD

Focus: Community Outreach

and Disparities

Lianne Kurina, PhD

Focus: Military Medicine


Elizabeth Malcolm, MD, MSHS

Focus: Organizational Innovation

and Evaluation

VJ Periyakoil, MD

Focus: Palliative Care


Meera Sheffrin, MD, MAS

Focus: Geriatric Medicine


Marcy Winget, PhD, MHS

Director of Evaluation Sciences Unit


Eran Bendavid, MD

Focus: Global Health Policy Analysis


James Hallenbeck, MD

Focus: Palliative Care


Steven Lin, MD

Focus: AI, Medical Education


Arnold Milstein, MD

Clinical Excellence Research Center


Latha Palanippan, MD, MS

Focus: Asian Health Disparities,

Clinical Prevention, Precision Health

Sara Singer, PhD, MBA

Focus: Healthcare Organization