Past Seed Grant Awards

2017 Seed Grants

Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine - Primary Care and Population Health

Why Providers Order 25-OH Vitamin D Testing Despite Interruptive Electronic Alerts

Dr. Chen received a seed grant in 2017 to evaluate whether an electronic best practices alert when ordering 25-OH vitamin D testing is an effective way to reduce unnecessary testing. Stanford Health Care has incorporated the Choosing Wisely guidelines into Epic to help providers follow recommendations from this campaign. Dr. Chen will also review data from provider interactions with the Choosing Wisely prompt to understand the most common reasons for physicians ordering 25-OH Vitamin D levels despite interruptive prompts. The seed grant funded statistician support which came from Evaluation Sciences Unit.


Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine - Primary Care and Population Health
(650) 725-5222

Improving Rates of Advanced Care Planning Documentation in Epic

Dr. Martin received a seed grant in 2017 to improve the Stanford Senior Care Clinic's Advanced Care Planning documentaiton in Epic. Patients in her clinic have high health crisis and mortality rates, yet documentation around Advanced Care Planning and completing Advanced Directive and Physician's Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment forms has been inconsistent. The study will improve this Epic documentation. The seed grant funded an Advanced Care Plannign course and the costs of video filming and editing. ESU assisted with study design help and reimbursements.

2016 Seed Grants

Clinical Professor
(650) 723-6028

Primary Care Skill Sets Series

Dr. Singh received a seed grant to develop a clinical skills workshop for joint injections using artificial joint models to enhance clinical skill sets for faculty, residents and students. His study will develop pre- and post-surveys to assess confidence and reduced referral rates, and will use workshop training with models for skill set enhancement. The seed grant funded multiple joint models needed for the workshop. ESU assisted with study design help and reimbursements.  

Clinical Professor, Medicine - Primary Care and Population Health
(650) 736-5211

Message Us

Dr. Gabiola received a seed grant to demonstrate the overlal efficacy of a text messaging intervention in disseminating health information and improving blood pressure management in hypertensive patients in Pampanga Province, Philippines. Dr. Gabiola is interested in how adding technology and using social support can help to manage blood pressure. The seed grant will fund blood pressure monitors and salary support for a statistical analyst. ESU supported with study design help.   

Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine - Primary Care and Population Health
(650) 498-9000

Feasibility and Effectiveness of Physical Therapy via Telemedicine

Dr. Lin received a seed grant to study the feasibility of offering patients an option to pursue physical therapy via telemedicine in order to increase access and adherence to it. For this pilot study, Stanford Family Medicine will offer a select group of patients the option of receiving physical therapy via telemedicine rather than at an in-person physcial therapy clinic. Dr. Lin hopes to understand if offering this option will help patients better access and adhere to treatment. The seed grant will fund multiple subscriptions to digital services to enable the telemedicine encounters. ESU has helped with study design, IRB approval, and reimbursements.  

2015 Seed Grants

Clinical Associate Professor

Hypertension in Kenya

Dr. Mahoney received a seed grant to supplement funding for a previously funded population-based epidemiologic study to determine prevalence of hypertension and other cardiovascular risk factors in a rural region of Kenya. The seed grant funded blood pressure cuffs, urinalysis test strips, and recruitment and training of enumerators. ESU helped with reimbursements.

Clinical Assistant Professor

Opioid Education

Dr. DeBruyne received a seed grant to investigate how knowledgeable patients are about current data on the risks associated with long-term opioid use and options available for opioid reduction and cessation. She also investigated whether a balanced, evidence based educational intervention for patients on chronic opioid therapy will increase knowledge of these issues. The seed grant funded educational materials. ESU provided IRB protocol application and help with reimbursements.  

2014 Seed Grants

Clinical Assistant Professor

Stanford University 25 - Physical Exam Skills

Dr. Artandi received a seed grant to study if a physical diagnosis curriculum for residents and attendings in the outpatient setting accompanied by hands-on training increases the confidence and comfort of the physicians performing the exam. The seed grant helped finance participant incentives and a research assistant. ESU provided IRB protocol application, survey coordination, and statistical support.


Clinical Assistant Professor

Maternal Nutrition

Dr. Tsai received the seed grant to fund weight management group classes for participants for her study in pregnant women with excessive gestational weight gain. She tests the effectiveness of a 3-6 month mobile texting intervention in aiding postpartum weight loss in women who exceeded the recommended threshold for weight gain in pregnancy. The seed grant funded participant incentives and technology for web meetings. ESU helped Dr. Tsai with research administration, survey management and reimbursements.