Primary Care 2.0 Evaluation

Dr. Marcy Winget, Co-Principal Investigator with Megan Mahoney and Garrett Chan

Stanford Health Care has contracted with ESU to evaluate the rollout of a new system of care for primary care called "PC 2.0".  

Project Team

    The team for Primary Care 2.0 Evaluation is Marcy Winget (Co-PI), Megan Mahoney (SHC Co-PI) and Garrett Chan (SHC Co-PI), Johnathan Shaw (Co-Investigator), and Cati Brown Johnson (Qualitative Expert).

Project Summary

The goal of Primary Care 2.0 is to address the Quadruple Aims. The evaluation uses mixed methods, including surveys, observation and interviews to assess the degree of implementation of the model as well as outcome measures that align with the Quadruple Aim. One of the goals of the evaluation is to inform future scalability and transferability of the PC 2.0 model to other settings in order to ensure that the lessons from Stanford inform future primary care practice nationally and internationally.

Publications, Posters and Presentations