ICU Redesign Evaluation

Dr. Elizabeth Malcolm, Co- Principal Investigator with Steve Asch

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has contracted with Stanford University’s Evaluation Sciences Unit to provide an external evaluation for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Care Redesign portfolio.

Project Team

    The project team for the ICU Redesign Evaluation is Elizabeth Malcolm (Co-PI) and Steve Asch (Co-PI), Marcy Winget (Co-Investigator), Karl Lorenz (Co-Investigator), Nadia Safaeinili (Project Manager), and Laura Holdsworth (Qualitative Expert).

Project Summary

  1. Evaluate the achievements to date for demonstration projects and the Libretto Consortium (including clinical efficacy and implementation successes and challenges)
  2. Assess the design and implementation of the portfolio 
  3. Summarize the potential for spread and scale of the work and recommendations for next steps for the portfolio

Publications, Posters and Presentations

Innovation Session: Malcolm E, Holdsworth L, Wright M, Pollick K, Asch S. “Using Rapid Appraisal Methods to Address Evaluation Questions for Decision Making.” Academy Health Annual Research Meeting, New Orleans, LA, June 26, 2017