How to Evaluate Your Student

We recognize that our standardized approach to student evaluations can appear daunting at first, especially to preceptors who are new to teaching Stanford students.  You might feel like your feedback is the only difference between a student getting “honors” or “just passing,” and you might not be sure if you can give both positive and constructive feedback.

We hope that these materials help lift the burden of responsibility off your shoulders.  All we ask is that you tell us what you observe about your trainee, using the categories from the RIME framework.  Your feedback will be compiled with other preceptors and observers, and from there, the Clerkship Directors and the evaluation team decide the student’s final grade and evaluation.

Please never hesitate to reach out with questions about student evaluations.  You can email the Clerkship Director, Tracy Rydel, MD, at

We are grateful for your incredible contributions as clinical preceptors.  We hope you enjoy the brief video vignettes and the concepts that accompany them!



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