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Back row, left to right: Erna Forgo, Zewen (Owen) Jiang, Elias Gerrick, Romain Cayrol, Gernot Neumayer, Thomas Meister, Yoshitaka Minamida,  Kelly Mooney, and Zhihao Wu
Front row, left to right: Yunshin Jung, Bomsoo Cho, Song Song, Stephanie Kabeche, Joy Pai, Yuanyuan (Aedan) Liu, and Jk Gopakumar

Congratulations to this year's winners at the Stanford Pathology Research Retreat held on October 18, 2019. There were 5 awards handed out in each category of Student, Postdoc, and Research Associate. There were 4 awards given in the Clinical Research Category.

Awards made possible by the Charles B. Carrington Memorial Fund.

Read the full list winners and categories here >>