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Faculty Announcements and Awards

May 2020

Albert Tsai

Jean Oak

Sebastian Fernandez-Pol

Sean Bendall

Just Published in Nature Medicine: "Multiplexed single-cell morphometry for hematopathology diagnostics".

Congratulations to Albert Tsai, MD, PhD, Jean Oak, MD, PhD,  Sebastian Fernandez-Pol, MD, Phd, Sean Bendall, PhD, et al.

Stephen Montgomery

Congratulations to Stephen Montgomery, PhD. Stephen has been elected to the Faculty Senate.

Benjamin Pinsky

Congratulations to Benjamin Pinsky, MD, PhD. Ben has been selected as the 2020-2022 American Society for Microbiology Distinguished Lecturer.

Katrin Svensson

Congratulations to Katrin Svensson, PhD for NIH R01 Grant Award: "Control of glucose homeostasis through the insulin-independent Isthmin pathway" and Merck Research Laboratories SEEDS grant: "Identification of molecular drivers and biomarkers for NASH".