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Lawrence ‘Tim’ Goodnough, MD

Professor of Pathology and Medicine (Hematology)

Director of Transfusion Fellowship Program


Portrait of Jean Oak

Jean Oak, MD, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pathology (Hematopathology and Transfusion Medicine)


Portrait of Anil Panigrahi

Anil Panigrahi, MD, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor in Anesthesia and Pathology

Portrait of Tho Pham

Tho Pham, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor in Pathology

Medical Director of Clinical Services Stanford Blood Center

Associate Performance Improvement Leader for Blood Bank & Transfusion


Portrait of Neil Shah

Neil Shah, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor Pathology (Transfusion Medicine)

Medical Director of Informatics for Transfusion Medicine

Portrait of Hua Shan

Hua Shan, MD, PhD

Professor of Pathology

Medical Director, Transfusion Medicine Service