Welcome to The Laboratory of Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience (LBCN)


Our lab specializes in the study of human brain using a combination of:

  • Intracranial Electrocorticography (ECoG)
  • Electrical Brain Stimulation (EBS)
  • Functional Neuroimaging (fMRI) Methods

The general theme of our research is the study of functional specializations in the human cerebral cortex and the dynamics of activity across cortical regions.

  • We study human brain networks in experimental and naturalistic settings as well as during rest and sleep.
  • We record simultaneously from multiple nodes of the same functional network and test their causal role in a given behavior or cognitive function.

Our goal is to understand the anatomical and physiological basis for human behavior and cognitive experience and how these might be affected in patients with neurological disorders.

Neurology & Neurological Sciences

The LBCN Lab is part of the Department of Neurology & Neurological Sciences.