Speech and Voice Exercises

For those with Parkinson's disease (PD) exercise is as important as medications, and that includes exercise of the muscles that control speech.  Along with our lists of live online exercise classes and PD exercise videos, this list of speech/voice exercises rounds our your at-home exercise routine.

Live Speech/Voice Classes| Live Speech/Voice with Video Archives | Speech/Voice Exercise Videos | DVDs and Post Speech Therapy Maintenance Programs

Live Speech/Voice Classes

Houston Area Parkinson Society Online Speech Classes

By Houston Area Parkinson Society

Cost: Free

Classes: speech, speech and exercise

Class Times (PT):

  • Monday: noon (speech and exercise)
  • Tuesday: 11:45am (speech), 2:45pm (speech and exercise)
  • Thursday: 8:30am (speech)

Duration: 60 minutes (speech), 90 minutes (speech and exercise)

On the calendar, click on the class you want to join to get the link to join the class.

Sing Loud for PD

By Stony Brook Southampton Hospital (Southampton, NY)

Cost: Free

Class: Sing Loud

Class times (PT):

  • Wednesday: 12:30pm (Sing Loud)

A chorus for people living with Parkinson’s disease and their care partners. No previous musical experience is required and all lyrics will be provided! 

Note classes run in 6 week sessions with breaks in between.  Join for one class or a whole session.  Registration is limited.  Contact Sarah Cohen for class information or register online here.

Zoom Voice Group for PwP

By Santa Cruz Parkinson's Community Support Group

Cost: $60 / 6 weeks (EASE PD Newsletter discount is $30 off)

Class: voice exercise

Class times (PT):

  • Monday: 11am

Duration: 60 minutes

Classes run in 6 week sessions with a break in between.  Class size is limited.  Registrants must commit to all 6 weeks.  You can register for the class with the instructor, speech language therapist, Jocelyn Lagier, on her website, by phone (831-607-9520), or by using this form and mail her a check for tuition.

Live Speech/Voice Classes with Video Archives

Parkinson Place Online Voice Classes

By Parkinson Place (Sarasota, FL)

Cost: Free for those with Parkinson's

Classes:  singing, Say it Loud & Clear

Class times (PT): 

  • Monday: 7:30am (singing)
  • Tuesday: 7am (Say it Loud & Clear)

A couple Loud & Clear classes are available to watch here.

PFNCA Online Wellness Speech and Choir for Parkinson's

By Parkinson's Foundation of the National Capital Area (Silver Spring, MD)

Cost: $35/year (unlimited classes)

Classes: Communication Club, choir, social hour

Class Time (PT):

  • Monday: noon
  • Tuesday: 11am
  • Wednesday: 8am (choir), noon (Communication Club), 1pm (social hour)
  • Thursday: 11:30am
  • Friday: 11:15am

Register once and join unlimited classes for a year.

Some classes are recorded and can be watched here.

Power For Parkinson's Live Stream Vocal Class

By Power For Parkinson's (Austin, TX)

Cost: Free

Classes: vocal strength

Class times (PT):

  • Wednesday: 11am

Duration: about an hour

Classes are recorded and can be watched here.

Speech/Voice Exercise Videos

Keep On Moving, Exercises to do at Home

Publisher: Keep It On

Number five on this page of short exercise videos is an eight-minute breath and voice exercise video to enhance breathing, voice loudness and articulation.

Parkinson's Voice Project Practice Videos

Published by Parkinson Voice Project (Richardson, TX)

Four Speak Out! practice videos, each with a different Parkinson's Voice Project speech language pathologist (SLP).

Twenty recorded practice sessions with SLP Samantha Elandary.

DVDs and Post Speech Therapy Maintenance Programs

Get LOUD! Stay LOUD!

By Get LOUD! Stay LOUD!

Cost: $34.99/month or $349.99/year, first month free

Online post speech therapy maintenance with a speech language pathologist (SLP) trained in either LSVT LOUD or Speak OUT!  

Includes 15+ voice practice sessions per week as well as facial exercises, articulation practice, and more.

Voice Aerobics Post-Therapy Strengthening Program

By Voice Aerobics (Punta Gorda, FL)

A whole-body voice strengthening program, designed to serve as post speech therapy maintenance, developed by speech language pathologist Mary Spemulli.

Mary has made the program available on DVD and added fun speech practice tools, a speech volume reinforcement tool, and more.  She also offers speech therapy and coaching via Zoom.  (Telemedicine rates start at $40/30 minutes)

Before purchasing any products it is a good idea to watch her video, Speech Therapy and Beyond for Parkinson's Disease, in which she explains who benefits from speech therapy and the most effective speech therapy programs for those with PD.

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