Blogs and Podcasts About PD

These blogs and podcasts are all about Parkinson's disease (PD).  They are written or recorded by people diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease (PD), PD care partners, PD researchers, or PD organizations.  Some are about living with PD.  And some have a focus such as PD research, humor, or movement.

Pick a few and have a read or a listen.  You may learn something and you will definitely not feel alone in dealing with PD.

Blogs About PD | Podcasts About PD

Blogs About PD

Defeat Parkinsons

Blogger: Dr. Maria De Leon, retired movement disorder specialist and young onset Parkinson’s patient

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Topics covered: medication management; dental hygiene; tips for good sleep; treatment of overactive bladder; end-stage Parkinson’s disease; tardive dyskinesia; combating apathy; weight gain after DBS in women; and women’s health and sexuality.series.

Journey with Parkinson’s

Blogger: Frank Church, professor and researcher in the School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and young onset patient

Frequency: Irregular

Topics covered: my public journey and life-steps with Parkinson’s; service and research; milestones in Parkinson’s disease research and discover; MAO-B inhibitors; and the VA “My Parkinson’s Story” video series.

A Soft Voice in a Noisy World: Dealing and Healing with Parkinson's Disease

Bloggers: Karl Robb, Person with Parkinson's, and Angela Robb, Karl's wife and Parkinson's Care Partner

Frequency: Weekly

Topics covered: gratitude, Parkinson's awareness, tolls and resources, PD during covid, home in transition, etc.

Living Well Today, by The Davis Phinney Foundation

Bloggers: Staff writers and guest authors

Frequency: Once/month

Topics covered: Using a service dog; separating fact from online fiction; tips for more expressive communication; how exercise can ease anxiety in PD.

My Parkinson's Life

Bloggers: Daren, diagnosed with Parkinson's at age 40

Frequency: Irregular

Topics covered: PD symptoms, sleep, stem cell research, sympathy vs. empathy, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, research interest groups, etc.

Out-thinking Parkinson’s

Blogger: Gary Sharpe, PhD scientist, engineer and young onset patient, and Deb Helfrich, author and wellness mentor

Frequency: Monthly

Topics covered: how a dog in the family helped me to understand my Parkinson’s disease; a unified explanation for Parkinson’s disease via the vagus nerve;  and helicobacter pylori bacteria in the gut and Parkinson’s disease; and women’s health and sexuality.series.

Parkie Support

Blogger: Fran Lo, a person with Parkinson's (PWP)

Frequency: Irregular

Topics covered: how to find a support group, how to find PD-specific exercise classes, support for Parkinsonisms, finding a physical therapist, online support communities, books and online resources for finding out about symptoms and treatments, what the different and various foundations for PD actually do.

Parkinson's Article Archive

Blogger: Sarah King, PT, DPT

Frequency:  Irregular (February 2016 - May 2019)

Topics covered: exercise, nutrition, mindset & mood, energy & sleep, surgery & medication

Parkinson’s Journey

Blogger:  Sherri Woodbridge

Frequency:  Irregular

Topics covered:  what are the odds of developing Parkinson’s disease; a slithering snake, a two-year-old, and his granny; poetry; photography; DBS; for the caregivers; a thing about nurses; and non-parkinson’s related writings.

Parkinsons Recovery

Blogger: Robert Rogers, PhD

Frequency: Irregular

Topics covered: natural therapies that are safe and cause no harmful side effects. 

The Parkinson’s Report

Blogger: Hannah Grassie, speech language pathologist (SLP)

Frequency: Irregular

Topics covered: picking your care team, modifying your day to adapt to PD, how professionals should prepare someone with PD for an assessment, getting involved with the PD community, balancing PD with family life, 5 ways to up your goal writing game, untangling PD medical speak, cognitive changes, young onset PD, dysphagia, clinical tools to stay informed about PD, vocal changes in PD, how to prepare for Dr. visits, apathy, and more.

Parkinson's Today Blog

Blogger: Parkinson's Foundation 

Frequency: Irregular, frequent

Topics covered: PD and coronavirus, research updates,  discussing difficult topics with your doctor, emergency preparedness, tips for living with PD, etc.


Blogger:  Contributions from the Parkinson’s community

Frequency:  Weekly

Topics covered:  The brightest slices of positivity from across the Parkyverse, including hacks, perks, inspiring people and funny stories.

The Perky Parkie

Blogger:  Allison Smith, MA, LMFT and person with PD

Frequency:  Monthly

Topics covered:  medications, dietary protein, apathy, getting dressed, grief, etc.  Most presented with humor.

The Science of Parkinson’s Disease

Blogger: Simon, postdoctoral Parkinson’s researcher and president of his Parkinson’s UK support branch

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Topics covered: trying to digest gut research; improving patient education; wearable tech 4 Parkinson’s; stress and Parkinson’s disease; old dogs new tricks, repurposing drugs for Parkinson’s; and milestones in Parkinson’s disease research and discovery.

A Simple Island Life

Blogger: Kai Rubenstein, person with Parkinson’s

Frequency: Monthly

Topics covered: lower protein meals, losing your sense of smell and taste, selection of recipes and gardening posts, staying connected to your partner, foot stretches and exercises, balance, urinary urgency, getting dressed, exercise, staying positive, learning to fall, participating in clinical trials, tech tools for PD, meditation, and more.  

Stanford PD Community Blog

Blogger: Stanford Parkinson's Community Outreach Staff

Frequency: Frequent (several posts a month)

Topics covered: upcoming webinars and conferences, webinar and conference notes, shared articles and podcasts about PD from around the web.

Twitchy Woman

Blogger: Sharon Krischer

Frequency: Monthly

Topics covered: PD boxing packs a punch; exercise can be a boon to people with Parkinson’s disease; 100 (posts) and counting; book reviews and recommendations; World Parkinson’s Conference seminar notes; and exercise and PD.


Blogger: Soania Mathur, MD and person with Young Onset Parkinson's

Frequency: Monthly

Topics covered: Post fall into five categories: quality of life, outlook, relationships, clinical trials and community.

Podcasts About PD

Parkinson's Life, by the European Parkinson's Disease Association

Podcaster: Various broadcasters for the European Parkinson's Disease Association

Frequency: Six episodes (originating May 2019)

Topics covered: parenting with PD, caring for a family member with PD, PD and work, PD assessment tools, women and PD, and getting creative with PD, 

When Life Gives You Parkinson's, by Parkinson Canada

Podcaster: Larry Gifford, National Director of Talk Radio for Corus Entertainment in Canada.

Frequency: Every other week (Sep. 2018 - June 2020)

Topics covered: a first-hand account of what it is like to live with PD for Gifford, his family, and other members of the worldwide Parkinson’s community. Answering probing questions from co-host Niki Reitmayer and letting listeners eavesdrop in on intimate chats with his wife, Gifford uses humour to diffuse heavy content and give the podcast a hopeful tone. 

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