Daniel Bowling, Ph.D.


Years in Lab: 2018-present

I graduated from UC San Diego with a BS in biological psychology and a BA in neurophilosophy under the guidance of Patricia Churchland (Summa cum laude, 2006). My PhD in Neurobiology is from Duke University (2012), and I hold a graduate certificate in Cognitive Neuroscience (2009). My thesis research on the correspondence between emotional expression in speech and music under Dale Purves was mostly completed at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School in Singapore. I finished postdoctoral work at the University of Vienna (2018) in the Department of Cognitive Biology under Tecumseh Fitch, where I did comparative animal studies on the physics of vocalization, pupillography studies on rhythm and tone perception, and neuroendocrinological studies on human synchronous behavior in speech and song. I am interested in the biological basis of speech and song, which are integral to our nature, cornerstones of social behavior, and missing in our closest relatives. My research with human subjects combines cognitive neuroscience, experimental psychology, evolutionary biology, musicology, linguistics, and digital signal processing. I also pursue relevant animal studies related to my human subjects research. In the Parker Lab, I am investigating anomalies in speech and song perception and production that present in clinical settings, as well as their neuroendocrinological and mechanistic basis.