Jesus Madrid

Graduate Student

Years in Lab: 2013 - present

My broad research interests focus on the development and evolution of mammalian social behavior. 

More specifically: 

1) As a developmental behavioral neuroscientist I am interested in understanding the neural changes underlying how early life experiences lead to variations in behavioral phenotypes.

2) As an ethologist I am interested in using experimental paradigms within evolutionary frameworks to test how early life experiences adaptively prime the individual for future environmental conditions.

Originally from Texas, I completed my undergraduate studies at Columbia University in Neuroscience & Behavior. While at Columbia, I investigated the neurobiological basis of both the development of fear-induced responses and the effects of varying maternal behavior in rodent models. 

My next research project focused on understanding the adaptive effects of moderate maternal rejection on stress resilience and vulnerability in rhesus monkeys. This research was conducted at the Caribbean Primate Research Center where I worked as a field lab manager for PIs at The University of Chicago and Stanford University (see Parker lab research projects).  

I am currently a Neurosciences graduate student at the Stanford University School of Medicine. I am conducting my doctoral research on the social and biological outcomes of neonatal imitation in rhesus monkeys.

Awards and Accomplishments:

  • Diversifying Academia, Recruiting Excellence (DARE) Doctoral Fellowship (2016 - 2018)
  • Stanford Biosciences Student Award for Excellence in Diversity and Societal Citizenship (2015)
  • Marine Biological Laboratory - Summer Program in Neuroscience, Ethics & Survival (SPINES) (2015)
  • Stanford University - Biosciences Excellence in Diversity and Societal Citizenship Award (2015)
  • SPINES - Symposium Travel Award (2015)
  • American Society of Primatologists - Ruppenthal Travel Award (2015)
  • Stanford University - El Centro Chicano y Latino Graduate Scholar in Residence (2014-2015)
  • Society for Neuroscience - Neuroscience Scholars Program Fellow (2014-present)
  • Stanford University - Biosciences Office of Graduate Education Travel Award (2014)
  • Society for Neuroscience - Neuroscience Scholars Program Associate (2013-2014)
  • Stanford University - ADVANCE Summer Fellow (2013)
  • Stanford University Summer Research Program - Amgen Scholar (2010)
  • Columbia University Scholars Program - Kluge Scholar (2008-2012)