The Our Voice Approach

Beginning with neighborhood walks using the Discovery Tool, Citizen Scientists engage in a four-step process to build healthier communities.


Discover aspect of your community that impact healthy living:

‣ Go on a walk using the Discovery Tool

‣ Take photos and record your thoughts

‣ Think about how your community can be improved


Discuss your findings with other citizen scientists:

‣ Share your photos and discover common topics

‣ Prioritize target areas for change

‣ Brainstorm solutions and strategies

‣ Identify stakeholders, policy makers, and other potential allies


Activate for local improvements:

‣ Meet with allies, stakeholders, and/or policy-makers

‣ Present and discuss findings and potential solutions

‣ Agree on action steps


Change your community for better:

‣ Follow up on action plan

‣ Track activities and results

‣ Evaluate outcomes

‣ Celebrate and share successes!