An Urban Farmer's Market in Arizona: Assessing the Contextual Elements That May Impact Food Choices and Use


  • Local Farmers’ Market Organizations


  • 38 participants ranging from adolescents to older adults
  • Participants shopped at an urban farmer's market in Arizona


  • Document features that enhanced or detracted from the farmers' market shopping experience


  • Informed targeted interventions to increase farmers’ market utilization, community building, and social marketing strategies by using the data collected 


Buman, M. P., Bertmann, F., Hekler, E. B., Winter, S. J., Sheats, J. L., King, A. C., & Wharton, C. M. (2015). A qualitative study of shopper experiences at an urban farmers’ market using the Stanford Healthy Neighborhood Discovery Tool. Public Health Nutrition, 18(6), 994–1000.