Multicultural Dialogue in Israel: Building Neighborhood Solutions Among Diverse Older Adults


  • JDC- Eshel, Israel


  • 135 older adults from high and low SES areas 
  • Mix of Jewish and Arab
  • 3 Northern Israeli Cities


  • Identify facilitators and barriers to physical activity
  • Develop environmental and community strategies to improve walkability in the targeted neighborhoods


Social/Community Level

  • Formed walking groups and a Tai Chi group
  • Presented a series of three well-attended lectures on health issues in senior centers
  • Increased citizen science Tand community engagement activities in primarily Arab, primarily Jewish, and mixed ethnicity neighborhoods


Built Environment Level

  • Created older adult-friendly walking routes and maps 
  • Launched the "Golden Path:" an event led by the city's mayor that included more than 300 senior citizens


Moran MR, Werner P, Doron I, HaGani N, Benvenisti Y, King AC, Winter SJ, Sheats JL, Garber R, Motro H, Ergon S. Exploring the Objective and Perceived Environmental Attributes of Older Adults' Neighborhood Walking Routes: A Mixed Methods Analysis. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 2017.


Moran M, Werner P, Doron I, et al. Detecting inequalities in healthy and age- friendly environments: Examining the Stanford Healthy Neighborhood Discovery Tool in Israel. In: International Research Workshop on Inequalities in Health Promoting Environments: Physical Activity and Diet. Haifa (Israel): 2015.