Current Oro Laboratory Members

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Anthony Oro MD/PhD

Principal Investigator 

Ray Whitson PhD

Ray focuses on novel aspects of tumor evolution and drug resistance using basal cell carcinomas.

Amar Mirza 

Amar is a graduate student in the Medical Scientist Training program and interested in cancer signaling and structural biology. He is interested in the molecular basis of tumor resistance. 

Inna Gitman

Inna is the lab administrative assistant. In her free time she enjoys singing with different choral groups.

Jillian Pattison PhD

Jillian focuses on the epigenetic mechanisms underlying early epithelial differentiation by understanding chromatin architecture and dynamics

Samantha Piekos

Samantha is a graduate student in the Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine program. She is investigating epigenetic mechanisms directing early epithelial differentiation and the effects of this chromatin remodeling on cell cycle regulation. 

François Kuonen MD/PhD

François is a postdoc working on cancer resistance using basal cell carcinomas.

Annie Collier PhD

Annie is a postdoc working with novel proteomic techniques to study p63 mechanisms during epithelial development.

Siegen McKellar

Siegen is a lab technician interested in the integration of developmental biology, cancer biology, and genetics through the study of hedgehog dependent cancers and in the structural mechanisms of Gli activation. 

Hanson Zhen MD

Hanson is the Oro Laboratory Manager and leads the Therapeutic Reprogramming effort in the lab. He is focused on development of scalable and cGMP compatible skin differentiation protocols. 

Lingjie Li PhD

Lingjie focuses on the transcriptional regulation of developing systems by both coding and non-coding elements. He is interested in chromatin dynamics during skin differentiation.

Alex Brown PhD

Alex is pursuing his interest in transcriptional regulation of neural development and cancer using cerebellar development by hedgehog as a model. 

Catherine Yao

Catherine is a graduate student in the Medical Scientist Training Program and interested in the novel mechanisms of cancer resistance in hedgehog dependent cancers. 

Jessica Torkelson

Jessica trained as a CIRM Bridges research assistant and now is a research assistant working on mechanisms of skin differentiation

Jessica Magri

Jessica is a lab technician working on the mechanisms of I-BAR proteins in spinocerebellar ataxia.  She is interested in how genes coding for I-BAR proteins affect hedgehog-dependent pathways as well as cerebellar development.

Candice Kim

Candice is a medical student studying the underlying epigenetic mechanisms that regulate early epithelial differentiation.