P30 Vision Research Core

Dear Vision and Vision Research Faculty (please share with any faculty we may have inadvertently missed, and your lab/research teams),

I am excited to announce that Stanford has successfully competed for a National Eye Institute P30 Vision Research Core grant. This will provide resources to support NEI-funded faculty and their collaborators, NEI funding-aspiring faculty, and vision researchers, in 4 key areas:

    “Neurogenetics”: help with design and production of AAV viral vectors
    “Computational”: computer programming, server resources, perhaps biostatistics/bioinformatics
    “Device Design”: machine shop and related resources for custom device development and prototyping
    “Imaging”: training and access to confocal, 2-photon, adaptive optics and other advanced imaging

Please join me in thanking Andy Huberman, Steve Baccus, Tirin Moore, and Tom Clandinin for their significant contributions and leadership in pulling together and writing up these 4 cores.

Over the next few weeks the four core directors and I will return with more specific descriptions, requests for core access, and details on how to take advantage of these new resources. Please bookmark this link as a centralized location to find this information going forward.

Again, thanks very much and we look forward to contributing to vision research across Stanford!


Jeffrey L. Goldberg, MD, PhD
Professor and Chair of Ophthalmology