Office of the Ombudsperson


The ombudsperson role has a long and honorable history in Europe and North America as a means of protecting against improper treatment, unfairness and bias. The Ombudsperson at Stanford University School of Medicine strives to provide neutral, confidential and informal complaint handling services for members of the School community. The Ombudsperson practices in accordance with ethical standards prescribed by The Ombudsman Association and The University and College Ombuds Association.

The Ombudsperson specifically assists visitors to the office by listening with objectivity and providing a confidential ear to any concern related to work or study at the School. The office is set up to provide a visitor with a “safe” place to discuss a problem with the assurance that no action will be taken nor will the fact of the visit or anything the visitor says be disclosed to anyone.

The role includes:

The role does not include:



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